What graphics card can I use

  Rocker 14:43 17 Jan 2017

Hi I got a hp 550-256na pc it's only got a 180w psu and would like to put a graphics card in. The motherboard got a PCI Express x16 (Gen 3.0) slot. the OEM graphics card that's in it is a AMD Radeon R5 330 graphics card that has no monitor sockets on. It use the sockets from the motherboards internal graphics. So is there a another graphics card I use with the 180w psu. Thank you

  Archonar 15:46 17 Jan 2017

180W is a very small power supply, especially for modern GPU's and you will struggle to find one that is suitable for that power spec if you are looking to upgrade from what you already have. Maybe think about a new PSU as well as graphics card or is that not an option?

  Jollyjohn 15:48 17 Jan 2017

What are you trying to achieve by changing the graphics card? I see what you mean that the R5 330 has no monitor outputs - it uses the two HDMI sockets on the rear of the motherboard to connect to a monitor, or monitors.

The R5 350 single slot low profile card has a single HDMI socket on the card but no other connectors.

Any other graphics card would need to be low profile, to fit inside the case and have a very low power consumption. It may be cheaper and easier to replace the monitor with one that has HDMI input, if that's what you are trying to achieve?

  Rocker 17:12 17 Jan 2017

Hi thanks for your response. What I would like to do is play some games on steam thins like the Lego game put don't won't to buy them to find that don't work

  Jollyjohn 11:39 18 Jan 2017

Have a look here click here and see if any of the demos or free to play games work.

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