What Graphics Card?

  Gaz W 01:01 09 Apr 2003

I am a bit confused about all the different ATi cards there are at the moment. I have been led to believe that the ATi Radeon 9500 Pro is a better option than the GeForce 4 Ti4200 I was originally going to get (by this site in fact), and have decided to try an ATi graphics card this time. The problem is, I don't know which one.

I can get an ATI 128MB DDR Radeon 9500 Pro 8x AGP TV-out DVI Retail [Power Colour] for £141.00 (this is quoted exactly from the web site - click here). Does this sound like good value or can I get the same (or better) cheaper elsewhere? It will be going in a new motherboard with an Athlon XP 2600+ & 512MB DDR333 memory, but I haven't chosen the mobo yet.

Which graphics card should I go for?

  Gaz W 01:10 09 Apr 2003

What is this ATi Radeon 9600TX graphics card that is installed in the Aldi Medion PC? All I can find is that it is made by MSI for Medion, but if I search for it in Google, most of the results are in German! Is the card not available to the public? How does it compare with the 9500 series and the 9700 series?

  Tog 11:56 09 Apr 2003
  Gaz W 16:37 09 Apr 2003

Thanks for the information. Is the 9600 better or worse than the 9500/9700 series. The model number would suggest it is in between, but I'm not sure. Also, where would I be able to buy the 9600 Pro? I only ever see the 9500 or 9700. Is this because it hasn't been released yet, and only Medion can have them?

  MartinT-B 16:49 09 Apr 2003

9600 is not as good as 9500 pro.

It uses 4 pipleines not the 8 that the 9500 pro uses.

9500 pro for £140.95 click here

They also have the 9800 pro for £334.82!

If you scroll to the top of the lonked screen and click up a level that will take you to all the Graphics card manufacturers they stock Connect3D, Hercules,Powercooler, Sapphire, Matrox, Leadtech and Asus . you'll notice, if you search, that they don't stock any 9600 by any maker.

  Gaz W 20:02 09 Apr 2003

Your link was wrong but I found it anyway. That one is 5p cheaper than Micro Direct! I still don't like how expensive it is but it looks like the cheapest price there is.

  Gaz W 20:11 09 Apr 2003

Found one at computerfactors.co.uk for £135 inc VAT but the delivery is from £5.50 inc VAT so it works out more expensive!

  Gaz W 22:50 09 Apr 2003

I think I'll tick this thread as Resolved, but if anyone wants to add any suggestions I will still be checking it.

Thanks Tog and MartinT-B for your help.

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