What Graphics Card?

  KPC 10:56 02 Jun 2011

I have a desktop computer running Windows 7. I am new to gaming and now i am thinking of replacing my ageing Graphics Card, a Geforce 7900 GS 256 memory. The board i have is a Asus M3A with Athlon X2 4800 CPU and 2 GB of memory. I need to know what Graphics Card will work with this system and have noticed there is a new Gddr memory now. Will this be compatible. Willing to spend up to £100.


  Ian in Northampton 12:10 02 Jun 2011

Given you say that your graphics card is ageing, could we assume that the PC/main board is also? In which case, your first job is to identify whether your motherboard supports PCI Express, or whether it supports the older AGP only. Then, the physical space available inside your case may be a consideration - some graphics cards are low profile to fit into smaller cases.

  KPC 12:19 02 Jun 2011

Its PCIe 2

  KPC 13:09 02 Jun 2011

there is a six pin con and the power supply is 550 watt

  KPC 13:10 02 Jun 2011

and that is the mobo

  KPC 13:14 02 Jun 2011

there is also plenty of space inside the case. the graphics card i have at this time is like a dining table

  KPC 14:23 02 Jun 2011

cheers and thanks to everybody.

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