What graphics card?

  kmht0307 20:00 01 Jul 2008

Hi All,

My home pc is of the following spec:

Packard Bell Intel Celeron CPU 2.66GHz 704MB RAM
Motherboard: Columbia VP
Allows connection of 3 PCI cards

I recently purchased a Zotac nFire Geforce 7300GT / 512MB 128bit / PCI-E / Graphics Card and it did not connect to the motherboard.

I wanted to get it right this time and wondered if someone could advise me on the correct graphics card to get and the cheapest as I do not want to pay a great deal for it.

Any help would be appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 22:27 01 Jul 2008

Have a look inside it and see what it has. It might have a brown coloured slot which is an AGP slot. If you do a google search for the image of an AGP slot it'll help you identify it.
If it doesn't have a AGP slot then all you can do is add a PCI slot graphics card. This is not the same as a PCI Express slot, the two are completely different. Your board will have more than one PCI slot, they are the white ones at the bottom of the board. Theres very few PCI graphics cards out there and they aren't that great, the ones you can get anyway.
Failing that, have a look at your manual and see if it mentions it.

  citadel 22:34 01 Jul 2008

looks like you should have got the agp version of the 7300gt. the agp slot is normally a brown colour and pci express slot is usually blue.
the edge of the cards have a notch in different places that prevents you putting the wrong card in.

  kmht0307 09:17 02 Jul 2008

Many thanks to you both, I will check it out and order the correct card. All I know is that the notches on the card that I had ordered originally were in the wrong places for the slots in my PC !!

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