What graphics card?

  the flying monkey 16:57 02 Sep 2003

I have a rather dated 64mb n-vidia geforce2 mx400 graphics card which I would like to scrap in favour of a better one. I have a budget of around £120 and would mainly be using the card to play games. I have been looking at the Radeon 9500/9600 Pro, GeForce4 Ti 4200 8x. What do you think is currently the best card for the price and where should I get it from?

Also, is it just a case of removing the old card and putting the new one in?

Sytem info: 1.4Ghz Processor, 500Mb DDR memory, soundblaster 1024 sound card, 80GB HDD.

Thanks for your help.

  the flying monkey 17:40 02 Sep 2003

Will my 2 year old asus motherboard be compatible with new cards or do I have to buy one of those as well?

  clayton 17:52 02 Sep 2003

your motherboard should be fine but it might not support 8x agp but would still work @ 4x, remove the old drivers before you fit the new card.

  the flying monkey 17:58 02 Sep 2003

I've decided that I'll probably go for the ATI Radeon 9600 Pro. I'm just wondering how long it's going to last before I have to upgrade again. Have you any idea?

Also, I would like to upgrade my sound card to a Sounblaster Audigy 2. Would this fix the problems I'm having with some of the sound in my games or is it something else that causes the annoying buzzing every now and then?

  Rayuk 19:23 02 Sep 2003

If you can stretch your budget a little the MSIFX5600 at £132 came out tops at Toms Hardware and also in a couple of mag revies I have seen
click here

  the flying monkey 22:59 02 Sep 2003

but does it support DirectX 9? If it does I'll get that one. I've just bought Unreal 2:the Awakening and it runs slower than a snail in sludge, will this card be able to run it at a high standard?

  Roadgiant 23:19 02 Sep 2003

After having problems with my Gainward ti4800 I had it replaced it by the MSIFX5600, yes it does support DirectX 9. I also have Unreal 2 which it runs very well. It also comes with a very big bundle of software. I spent ages trying to wade through the different options and am very pleased with the FX 5600.

  the flying monkey 00:08 03 Sep 2003

cheers everyone, thanks for all your helpful advice. I'm going to buy the msi fx5600.

  The Sack 01:30 03 Sep 2003

The FX5600 is about to be replaced so hold on a bit and the prices will fall :0)

  The Transporter 10:59 03 Sep 2003

what card will be replacing it? As i was considering the above MSI g.card :-)

  Joe McG 11:06 03 Sep 2003

the flying monkey,

I bought myself the MSI card from here. click here

It also has a video in connector, so you can transfer analogue video, as well as digital.

The software package is very good also, with full versions of Duke Nukem, Morrowind and Tom Clancy Ghost recon, as well as lots of utilities and video capture software.

All in all, a very impressive package.

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