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What is going on with Windows Update?

  Housten 12:38 21 Jul 2015

Good Morning, Gentlemen,

To be honest I am not sure if I am asking for help or warning you!

Having checked the history of Windows updates I had one failed update on 7th January this year. Every update from then until 10th July was successful, then chaos. I was switching off my desktop [ on the 10th of this month ] when it said the usual installing message and not to switch off. I then had to wait whilst the install went on and it then said to shut down. Now for reasons unknown my re-start stopped re-starting some months ago, so what I do is when the computer shuts down, I switch off, wait 30 seconds and boot up. Normally everything then sails through just as a re-boot does.

I have another post here about the starter file for Windows 2010 Excel and Word. I have Windows 7 64Bit Home Premium and thought I had downloaded and tried to install the 64Bit version. But it was not working the way I was told it should, and I have been hoping someone would tell me why, but I now think I know. As I said above the install started on its own accord, and this annoyed me but other problems intervened and, stupidly, I hadn’t checked the settings for updates.

When switching off yesterday afternoon it told me it was installing 21 updates!! When it said shutting down it switched off the machine, which is what happened on the 10th and I had to go through several re-starts – including using my original DVD of Windows 7 – to get the machine working. So when this happened last night I left it and tried again this morning. It went OK to start with but when it got to starting Windows it just shut down. I did my usual re-boot procedure and it went to suggesting a repair. I clicked on that and it then said to do a ‘Restore’, which I said yes to and it then started normally!! I looked in the rules regarding updates and it said to check for updates and automatically download and install them. This is something that I would never do, so how it got changed I do not know! I have now got it set to download and install updates when I ask – but I will be checking this on a weekly basis!!

On looking at Windows Update this morning it said there were 8 important and 3 optional updates. The three optional updates were for an nVidia update and Skype – which I do not want – and a security update. The 8 important updates were for the Starter 2010 update which I got yesterday, but they were all for the 32Bit version. Thinking that the only way to get rid of them was to installation proceed I said to install. The usual re-boot was required and so I re-started Windows. It got as far as saying Starting Windows when it just shut down. I rebooted and whilst slower it went straight through. I have just checked Windows Update again and it states there are 25 important updates ( 7 for 32Bit and 17 for 64Bit, and 1 for Office 2007 Security update for Office Compatibility pack Service Pack 3!! I do not have anything from Office 2007!! ). There are 3 optional updates ( Skype, nVidia and a security update for 64Bit ) and I would like to know if I uninstall this Windows starter file will the 32Bit updates go away. Also I would be exceedingly pleased if someone could tell me what on earth is going on with Microsoft.

Many thanks for reading this long rant and even more for any replies, which will be very gratefully received.

  zasmines 18:08 21 Jul 2015

Hi Good day!!

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  matt2000 19:00 21 Jul 2015

DO NOT CALL the tech support number in the prior answer as it is probably one of the scams documented by Malwarebytes.
With regards to updates failing, I would look closely at your installed software and remove anything you do not need/use frequently, as the more software installed, the more conflicts that can occur, you can use iObit Uninstaller to "batch uninstall" software. I would also run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware AND your antivirus software as a precaution, although it will not likely find anything.

  lotvic 19:34 21 Jul 2015

SPAM post from 'zasmines' FE Informed

  Housten 11:26 22 Jul 2015

Good Morning, matt2000 and lotvic,

Even if the other post was genuine if they thought I was stupid enough to 'phone the states they were out of their minds!!

As an addendum to my first post a further piece of information. As I said I had set my updates to download and install when I wanted to and that is the way it is still set this morning. BUT as I shut down last night the usual do not turn off your computer and so 25 updates were installed, without my permission!!! When it had finished, and shut down, I waited and re-started it. What came up I do not know as it flashed through but it seemed to be doing something with what appeared to be 31,734 Registry entries, and then it shut down. I re-started and it got to "Starting Windows" and shut down. Being a glutton for punishment I re-started and it sailed through start up no problem. Same thing this morning, although a bit longer. I used Ccleaner's registry cleaner and it found 17 'errors', and I deleted those. Hopefully it will work OK but what is going on I do not have a clue.

  Housten 10:50 23 Jul 2015

Morning rdave13, Your reply is quite worrying as I have had this happen on more than one occasion. With my memory problems I can not be certain how many times it has happened. Looks like I am going to have to follow what some people do and make a note of virtually everything I do. I have actually been fight this foe some months now!! FINAL PLEA : Does anyone have any idea what my computer is doing. I have tried Malwarebytes with a zero result!!! Many thanks for any and all posts.

  matt2000 17:30 23 Jul 2015

I know what it is. Microsoft can push critical security updates without your permission. This is likely related to Windows 10's release at the end of the month. Have you reserved a free upgrade from the symbol in the taskbar?. If you cannot remember open Windows Update and see weather it shows your computer having an upgrade reserved.

Another explanation is Office, as when run people often click "use recommended settings", which re-enables updates.

If neither of these explain the problem please post the output of Belarc Advisor from the link below, which will show us some information about the system , software and updates installed.

click here 1]: [click here

  Secret-Squirrel 17:45 23 Jul 2015

[Dave said] I've never come across any thing to do with registry entries after Windows updates..................Morning rdave13, Your reply is quite worrying as I have had this happen on more than one occasion.

Don't worry Housten - it's completely normal to see that during a Windows Update. Dave, this is what the message looks like:

  matt2000 17:49 23 Jul 2015

Sorry, I wasn't clear on what to do with the report. On the page that opens print this to "Microsoft XPS Document Writer", and go to the bottom of the original page and click "Click here to see all installed Hotfixes" save the file the same way. Upload these to Dropbox (CLICK HERE) and share a link to both files (you can Google how to do this).

  Housten 16:26 24 Jul 2015

Good Afternoon, rdave 13,

[ Sorry for the delay. I wrote this this morning, went for lunch and then knocked over a drink I brought in after lunch. Just managed to dry ( almost ) everything!!! ]

I bought this computer a few months ago with several programmes on it that I did not want, and so I uninstalled these. But – on your suggestion – looking through ‘Programmes and Features I have found some programmes that I know nothing about. I will list all these programmes as there are some which I think – NOW – I do not need and some which I do not know but think I should keep, even if I do not know what they do, and would be grateful if you could tell me which!

Compatibility Pack for the 2007 Office System – I do not have Office 2007 on my disk! Futuremark Systeminfo Intel Extreme Tuning utility Then FIVE Intel programmes – Management Engine Components, Graphics Drivers, USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver, Watch Timer Driver. This is listed twice with the same date, one with a size and one with no size at all. Mark Reader Then the usual host of Microsoft programmes. MSXML 4.0 SP2 ( KB 954430 ) MSXML 4.0 SP2 ( KB 973688 ) MSXML 4.0 SP2 Parser and SDK

There are others but I do not wish to bother you with a massive list.

Many, many thanks for any and all information you can give me.

  Housten 16:34 24 Jul 2015

Good Afternoon, matt2000,

As you see I have just posted my ( late ) reply to rdave 13, and I would like to see if he has any suggestions. However I have Belarc on my computer. It is one of the programmes that I do not understand but which might come in handy sometime and it now appears to be about to do so. Should I run the version I have on my computer or would it be better to run the newer version. Whichever version you would like me to run could you, please, tell me how to post it on this forum.

Many thanks for all your time and trouble taken to reply to my query.

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