What is going on with this site ?

  io2000 18:46 26 Apr 2003

What is going on with this site, Everyone including the FE seems to be so wrapped up with P2P programs.
Any new people visiting this site which in my humble opinion was a great site is losing it.
P2P is here but not everyone use's it but all the post's about being able to get ( stuff for free ) not my word's,
Are encouraging people to use it.
A while ago any thread which contained the words KAZAA was pulled now were even running polls on should we do this and that with P2P.

What next should ISP's report people who are getting a lot of EMAILS or that someone spends a lot of time on a site.

While all this is going on people who come here looking for friendly advise are seeing us all bickering, Why ?

We are not clones we all have one thing in common we love COMPUTERS and this is a site to share idea's and intrest's while giving a helping hand.

I've been comming to this site for a long time now,And have enjoyed it for a long time but it seems to be changing and again in my opinion not for the better.

Let's go back to allowing people to have different opinions to ours and go back to discussing thing's instead of argueing about everything.

these are just my feelings and i'm not the best at putting words into type but i hope it makes sense what i'm trying to say.


The place to find a helping hand.

  powerless 19:03 26 Apr 2003

You didn't mention KazaA on the cover disc ;-)

  io2000 19:51 26 Apr 2003

Powerless you have to steel my fun lol that was going to be my reply to all the down with P2P responces i never got

  io2000 19:52 26 Apr 2003

responses as well

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