What GFx card can I to use on a 200 Watt Psu?

  tony777 01:27 25 Mar 2003


I have recently purchased a Hewlett packard from PC world, and it is super - very good actually (mind you, my previous pc was/is a PII 400 etc)I am able to run top games on this (It is a HP 434 model)However, I have a Radeon 9000 64 MB installed, along with a 2.66 CPU. Fine. But suppose one day I wish to upgrade to a radeon 9700? - or a 9500?, will I be able to?, because I understand 300 watts is required for these cards (mine is 200 watts output I think, it was hard to see in the case, but think it was 200.

If I can't put a R9700/9500 (Pro), then what about something "in-between"? - like a Geforce 4 TI 4200/4400, or a Radeon, 9100 (would that be worth it though!).

Anyroad, I'm ok for a while at least, but I've heard that you need all this power (300 watts) to run the latest cards, and I do have a AGP slot in. Which is occupied by the R9000 of cause, so if they provide me with a slot - i gots to upgrade! - in the future:). Is there any possiblity of adding a power supply to my HP pavilion 434 in the future? - or aren't these made to "fiddle" about with and upgrade?



  tony777 01:33 25 Mar 2003

What I forgot to mention in my above post, was: is there anyone else out there running powerful graphics cards like the Radeon 9700 pro on a 200 watt Psu? - or even a Hewlett packard? (or equivelent - like packard bell - which was reviewed in a mag using a Radeon 9700 pro - an IXtreme 3.06 gig I believe)or pc's like fujitsu's scalio's, compaq etc.....


  bloo meeny 08:01 25 Mar 2003

click here(XR95-B3)

This is the board I have (9500,no-pro) and as you can see, 350W is the recommended minimum.
Might be worth trying with a 300W PSU - but not just 200W ! Hope this is of help :)

  bloo meeny 08:03 25 Mar 2003

click here(XR95-B3)

  bloo meeny 08:08 25 Mar 2003

Click on 'cancel' for the Chinese language load.
When the page loads, click on 'Product Support' and then "ATI Radeon 9500 AGP 8X (XR95-B3)" or board of your choice.

  bloo meeny 08:11 25 Mar 2003

ProductLine !!!

(Maybe I'd make more sense WITH the Chimese Language support)


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