what is "generic volume shadow copy"?

  theDarkness 16:15 19 May 2010

2 problems! :-

After having a "clean system" yesterday, today Ive recently updated avira, and Ive just been told I need to install 'generic volume shadow copy' for a new program? does anyone know what programs require this? I have not installed anything new, so could it be related to avira?

After a full scan today, I was told I have 10 viruses, "JAVA/Agent.F.1", but these were all found in the official Java install folder. False positives, perhaps from an old version of java that could have potential loopholes for trojans etc, or is there something nasty on my system? I dont want to have to delete the files if they really are needed. I will update java (if possible) and do another antivirus scan. If Avira gives me 10+ viruses again, Im changing my antivirus program ;)
Has anyone had anything similar using Avira with Java/Sun Microsystems software installed?

  theDarkness 16:18 19 May 2010

might not be related, but Ive also found a "Ipfiladsdu" service (start>run>msconfig). its not running, but I cant find any info relating to it on the net at all-any ideas? thanks

  rawprawn 17:15 19 May 2010

'generic volume shadow copy"
Is used by System Restore, it is a "Shadow" of your system at any given time.
I can find no reference to Ipfiladsdu Win Patrol Plus search revealed nothing.
Also a search of Avira for JAVA/Agent.F.1 revealed nothing.

I would download & update malwarebytes click here, then run a scan using it in safe mode.
Let us know the results

  theDarkness 17:41 19 May 2010

thanks-I have malwarebytes antimalware already installed, and also spywareblaster, both updated, together with avira antivirus and online armor firewall. malwarebytes has never picked up or warned me of anything before, after the avira scan I will give try a full scan with malwarebytes. The majority of my recently detected bad files seem to have been found in the temporary 'my documents/java/'cache' folder, but even so im still wondering how they got onto the system, as im pretty sure from the browsers history that no questionable websites were visited at all.

"JAVA/Agent.F.1" on google comes up as a trojan downloader agent, perhaps the "generic shadow volume" installation was fake and installed the agent as a result, I dont know, perhaps they are completely unrelated, but I still dont know why a shadow volume installation request would appear for no reason. After finding and deleting the (possible) trojan files in the java cache, avira is still running with a full scan right now, and so far has not picked up anything else, so perhaps it was just a temporary java cache issue.

Its very odd though that the Ipfiladsdu service gives a result of absolutely nothing at all from google!

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