What FSB has my processor got?

  jg1990 22:34 30 Oct 2004

I've currently got a Fujitsu-Siemens laptop that has a Intel Celeron 2.8GHz processor installed.

I would like to know:

A: What is the FSB of it
B: Can I replace it with a Pentium, if yes what would be the fastest?

Many Thanks, James

  JonnyTub 22:50 30 Oct 2004

You won't see any kind of greatly increased performance leap by putting a newer faster cpu in (that's if your mobo supports it in the first place), the single biggest and best upgrade you can perform is adding extra memory. A newer or faster cpu isn't going to get the kind of performance i think your after since your even considering replacing it.

If you really want to see what fsb your cpu has download and run cpu-z from
click here

or check in the bios

and some steps on "how to" click here

You risk a very heavy paperweight!!

Seriously though... reconsider your options, this is one area i have come a cropper on and believe me the repair costs outweighed the cost of a new laptop :o(

  jg1990 22:58 30 Oct 2004

I' don't think I'll risk it!

I'll up my memory by 256Mb. :-)

Thanks, James

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