What free software ?

  tonyx1302 21:09 11 Apr 2006

I am about to ditch my trusty old desktop for a sparkling new Toshiba laptop after saving up my pension for a long long time!

Over the years I have downloaded dozens of free programs( Clean ups/antivirus/spyware/reg cleaners/fragmenters etc etc etc when recommended by our knowledgeable forum members.

The outcome is that when I see a recommended prog I download it being a 'belt and braces'type person and thinking there is safety in numbers !!

I now have in excess of twelve of these programs and use them all at given times, but when my 'all new machine' arrives I would like to keep them to the bare minimun.

I will be using the laptop purely for Word,Emails, Internet and very mundane simple tasks...no games or cd copying etc so can some one please give me a short list of a/virus spyware progs I should use.
At present I use everything from Avast/MS Defender/Spyguard/CleanUp/CCleaner etc....the list is endless........................

XP Home withSP2 and B/B
Thanks in antisipation and please, just the bare min as I will be trying to break the 'Its free so download it' habit for my new pc.


  VoG II 21:13 11 Apr 2006

Ad-aware, Spybot, Windows Defender for spyware (they each find things the others don't) plus Spywareblaster.

AVG anti-virus, Zone Alarm firewall.

  skidzy 21:18 11 Apr 2006

With all your past knowledge of Downloading and running these programs,im sure your aware that some apps will find things that others do not.

My suggestion is to keep them all,reguarly update them and run at least every 2 weeks.

Considering Virus/spyware/malware databases are updated almost daily with new definitions....i think its best to run them all at some point.

  Skills 21:18 11 Apr 2006

Personally I would stick with avast for the antivirus apart from that I aggree with VoG. AVG is a fine little prog thou I just prefer avast.

  tonyx1302 21:27 11 Apr 2006

Thanks everyone for your input. I think I will act on VoG's sound advice but I note that no one suggest a reg cleaner. Are they not that crucial ?


  VoG II 21:30 11 Apr 2006

With XP it is debatable whether you need a registry cleaner. I use one and it is RegscrubXP click here - not as vicious as some others.

  tonyx1302 21:36 11 Apr 2006

Thank you kindly VoG. I will stick with your recommendations plus RegscrubXP and just d/l your short list, but will leave the post open for a short while for any forthcoming opinions.


  pac73 21:52 11 Apr 2006

And download ewido and a-squared for malware.

  wolfie3000 02:17 12 Apr 2006

Im surprised no one said ccleaner its a good program for cleaning out junk and it does a good job of cleaning out the registry but always backup your registry when it says to,

I clean out my junk files once a week just to free up space heres the download link.

click here

Its one of the most reccomended programs in this forum.

  dogbreath1 08:16 12 Apr 2006

I've no disagreement with your reccies, just intrigued to know whether there is a reason for chosing AVG over Avast?

Also, I find Registry Mechanic effective. Not free but works well. No problems with it and my machine definitely 'runs' faster (when, for example, navigating in Explorer) after a clean up. I like to check out new apps., so I frequently install/uninstall progs. and this necessitates an occasional registry cleanup.

  tonyx1302 09:18 12 Apr 2006

Hi wolfie3000.I agree with you re. CCleaner as I have used it myself for a long time but as per my original post, over the years I have built up an army of free 'cleaners' etc and as I am about to take delivery of a new laptop, I just wondered what members thought are the basic freebies I need to keep the machine clean. I have fallen into the trap over the years and downloaded recommended progs just because they are free.


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