what format to email photos

  Rhodie 15:13 10 Feb 2003

I email lots of photos/ scanned documents but the files are large if sent in jpeg format 2mb, winzipped 2mb.
What format or programme can I use to compress the files?
I use MGI photosuite, also have HP image editor which can save files in various formats i.e. giff & tiff.
Would Paintshop pro enable me to make the files smaller i.e. kilobytes as opposed to mb?

  Lú-tzé 15:22 10 Feb 2003

When saving the files with MGI there should be an option to set the quality.

I think that when you scanned them, the dpi setting was too high, hence the large size. Tell the scanner that they are for web and the size will be much less.

  anchor 15:26 10 Feb 2003

Without question the format of choice is JPG.

You would need to considerably reduce the file size for sending by e-mail. I am not familiar with MGI photosuite, but probably it is possible with this programme.

I regularly use Paint Shop Pro to do this. First, you should reduce your picture size and resolution somewhat, then use Export - JPG optimiser, to get an acceptable file size with reasonable quality. You will see the result in the display pane. I suggest a file size of about 100k will give reasonable quality and transmission speed.

If you don`t have Paint Shop pro then Irfanview, (which is a free programme), will do this, albeit not quite so easily.

  JoeC 16:00 10 Feb 2003

Once you have selected your photo, click on Share on the top bar. This will then give you several possibilities. If you click on " Send Email " another box will come up into which you can set the size. Select "Send file as Jpeg with approximate size " . When I send photos, I put the size at a max of 50. The programme will then resize the photo and put it into an email for you. : }

  bloodnock 16:03 10 Feb 2003

Anchors right...jpegs best...Try Using Irfanviewer, its free to download and is great for shrinking images to speed up emailing photos........and a useful tool besides.....Paintshop just makes the job more complicated in my view...


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