What Is FireWire and Do I Really Need It?

  Wirral Bagpuss 20:42 30 Sep 2003

Firewire is something i know very little about! Can anyone explain what it is about? The reason i ask is that i am thinking of treating myself to a digital camcorder over the comming months (says she who is the proud owner of the very sex HP 2210 PDA!!!).
Anyway i was advised by the salesman to check if my computer had firewire, cause if not the camcorder i am thinking about buying will need firewire leads, and a firewire board putting in. Well before i get sucked in into buying all this stuff i wanted to check with anyone in the know what firewire was all about!!!
Thanks in advance!!!

  bremner 20:48 30 Sep 2003

Firewure is a connection that tranfers at upto 400Mbps.

This compares to 480Mbps for USB2 and 12Mbps for USB1

For Digital Cameras you want either Firewire or USB2 and if your machine hasn't got one of these you will ned to buy a card that fits into a PCI slot. They are not all that expensive.

I would wait until you are sure what camera you are getting as they vary from both to one or the other of Firewire and USB2.

  Mankster 20:50 30 Sep 2003

A firewire card 1394 enables you to conect your digital camcoder/camera directly to your pc for downloading and editing you must have this
.click here

  GroupFC 08:20 01 Oct 2003

When I bought my Camcorder about six months ago (a canon mv530i) it came with a firewire card and the appropriate leads and as bremner says it was just a matter of putting it into a spare pci slot.

  expertec 08:53 01 Oct 2003
  expertec 08:56 01 Oct 2003

Why do Ebuyer links not work when I post them here? Try click here instead

  expertec 08:58 01 Oct 2003

Anyway if you click there go to I/O Cards » FireWire IEEE-1394 Controllers

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