what is firefox ???

  drdeath 16:43 10 Mar 2004

im told that in Firefox, none of the images show up, but they are fine in IE6, this relates to my website...
what does this mean??? thanks in advance

  Sir Radfordin 17:19 10 Mar 2004

A link to the site in question may be helpful!

  drdeath 18:45 10 Mar 2004

apologies click here thank you.

  JJCUK 20:10 10 Mar 2004

Firefox is an award winning next generation browsing technology from mozilla.org.

click here

  mjojo 21:25 10 Mar 2004

Yes the html is incomplete.

For the 'Headset M130 for nokia 8851/8890' the code is <.img src="images/headset" .......> as it is for all the other images except 'Flashing keypads from
£3.99' <.img src="images/a2.gif"....>.

This is the only product image that specifies the picture format IE '.gif', and the only product image that appears. On right clicking the other images and choosing 'save image as', they appear to be in the unusual '.art' format. My understanding is that this is pioneered by AOL, and used almost exclusively by them. Your logo images are in '.jpg' format and show OK. You need to either complete the code eg <.img src="images/headset.art" .......>, but best of all get the images into gif or jpg format, and complete the code.

i am using Firebird 0.7, haven't installed my firefox yet.

  mjojo 21:31 10 Mar 2004

PS can I have some freebies for my Nokia 3100 now!

If you got the images via AOL, you need to remove image compression from customize>preferences>internet properties>web graphics. then select 'never compress'. Go find the images and resave them as jpegs. Complete the code as <.img src="images/headset.jpg" .......>.

  PurplePenny 21:45 10 Mar 2004

Interesting - that image *doesn't* show in Opera but the following four do and no others. Wonder why I notice that before. I suppose that I was too busy navigating around the site and not waiting long enough for graphics to finish appearing.


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