What Filing System does Linux us?

  Dearersteak 07:58 02 Oct 2003

Hi all,

reason i'm asking, is because i'm downing Red Hat, and planing on making it into a second OS. I've already downloaded the first 2 ISO at 650 mb each, and am downloading the final CD today. Should take another 8 hours or so. So if i have a second hard drive, and install Linux on this, when in Xp for an example, will i still be able to save files onto my other hard drive? Or will XP be able to see the hard drive at all?

If it does use a different filing system, how would u get files from one OS to the other without resorting to CD's, Floppy or a network ( as to say put then on another computer and copy them back again )???

Any info on the subject would be greatly resived!
Cheers all!

  expertec 09:19 02 Oct 2003

Window$ won't be able to read your Linux drive but Linux might be able to read your windows drive. What file system is your XP on, is it NTFS or FAT32?

  expertec 09:29 02 Oct 2003

I've just been searchin on the Red Ht site, it seems to be easy to make Linux read a FAT32 drive, and possible to make it read a NTFS drive, but this may be more complicated

  The GnoMe 09:56 02 Oct 2003

I use mandrake and win xp pro on a dual boot system

When I am in Linux I can access my windows drive through /root/mnt

And then I create a shortcut to it on my Linux desktop.

But I only have read access to this ntfs drive, which is fine.

Xp will not be able to see your Linux hard drive. As it will properly be in ext2 file format (which Linux uses)

Another point to note is that if you produce a document in say kword or open office, windows will not be able to open the document in its proper format; you will be able to open it in notepad though.

BUT if you create a document in ms word then open office or kword will open it NO PROBLEM

This fact and the fact that windows won?t see your Linux drive, is one of the reasons why Microsoft lead the market. By shunning the competition.

In answer to your question to get files from windows to Linux you just need to open up your windows drive in Linux under /mnt and copy them across to your home directory. As for going from Linux to windows, well as I said above is the compatibility issue.

If you need any help when installing or using your shiny new Linux, just email me (click the envelope next to my name)



  The GnoMe 18:40 05 Oct 2003

ill never understand why people ask a question for help and then just desert the post by never answering back!!!!


  Dearersteak 18:51 05 Oct 2003

Sorry bout that GnoMe, but u have a fair and vaild point! So heres a follow up! I've managed to optane a copy of Knoppixs, which i'm planing on Thanks for all your help all the same, installing that later this week, on the new 40Gig Slave i installed about 4 hours about, should be able to find my post about it around here somewhere! click here Will let you know how it goes!

Thanks again!

  The GnoMe 18:58 05 Oct 2003

Not having a go just making a point,

Anyway, are you installing knoppix on the hard disk?

Knoppix is primarliy used for running linux from a cd, i installed it to my hard disk when i was first starting out learning linux and it is not the most user friendly,

i would recommend using mandrake and installing that to your hard disk

if you want a copy i can send you one i have alot of spare disks, i can even send you the pdf file for learning it if you would like just email me with your address and ill pop it in the post.

but knoppix is not really great for installing

have a think anyway


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