What files to back up

  myball123 00:39 26 Mar 2003

Hi all

I am about to perform a motherboard and processor upgrade on my Athlon PC running Windows XP home edition.

I am not sure of which files I should back up prior to undertaking this, as I am pretty sure I will need to re-install windows once I have finished the upgrade.

I know that I should back up everybodys documents and settings, the outlook express folder, data files (word,excel etc) but not sure what else I should include.

I have tried searching this site amongst others but with very limited success.

Grateful for any help that can be provided. I am happy with my ability to create a back up as I have Easy CD Creator on my PC.



  pc moron 00:56 26 Mar 2003

Backup all your personal files, e-mail, and Internet Explorer favourites and cookies.

That's all you need to do as you will have to re-install Windows after you fit the new hardware.

  crx16 00:58 26 Mar 2003

nothing has to be backed up,but in doing so you save time and effort in finding them all again.

any set-up files,downloaded.quicktime,realplayer,AVG,Sygate,drivers/updates,codecs,pictures,music,email addresses,usernames/passwords,favourites,Internet accounts.

  pc moron 01:15 26 Mar 2003

You don't say which operating system you're using.

To be on the safe side, after backing-up, fdisk/format the hard drive- that way you'll have a "clean" drive to re-install to.

  powerless 01:20 26 Mar 2003

"...running Windows XP home edition"

myball123 - What you state is all i would backup.

  pc moron 01:26 26 Mar 2003

Win XP Home it is- must be more careful.

  eric8024 01:47 26 Mar 2003

you should backup your 'my documents' and your 'i.e. favourties'.

furthermore,you should change the outlook saving directory,and move the directory to another drive. so you can use it again after changing the directory setting in your outlook next time. i think this is the best way to save the information in ur outlook.

  €dstow 06:52 26 Mar 2003

If you're already on XP, look at the Files & settings Transfer Wizard which will do all you require without any bother. Find all about it in Help & Support.


  User-312386 08:26 26 Mar 2003

DO NOT use the file and transfer wizard

this also backs up the registry and will merge this with the new registry and can create quite a few problems

Just back up My Documents, Outlook Express and Favourites and anything that you have downloaded from the internet (I Have a "My Download" folder in C:\My Downloads)


  €dstow 09:23 26 Mar 2003

In the F&STW you are able to select which files and settings you want to transfer. It is wrong to say that the registry is backed up.


  myball123 21:42 27 Mar 2003

I have enough info now to perform my upgrade.

As usual the service here in the forum is second to none.


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