What is the file path for windows address book?

  [email protected] 10:33 16 May 2005

Having a zillion probs on my Dad's computer and are now considering reloading Win ME.We are in the process of backing stuff up(well copying to CD really) but Outlook Express and also Address Book will not open (part of the original prob. some .dll files are missing and we are going in a circle trying to fix the problems). Address book is the main concern as I have exported his e-mails into Netscape for now. I am going to try exporting the address Book also into Netscape and then exporting (presumably as a .dbxfile?)which we will save to disc. If this fails I will have to look for the Address Book files, can anybody tell me the path they take?
Many thanks!
PS Going around there later please look out for HELP! messages from us!!

  Dart Echo 10:58 16 May 2005

C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\WAB.EXE

  [email protected] 11:03 16 May 2005

Thanks Dart. Is there a program for opening WAB.EXE files other than Outlook express?

  Dart Echo 11:06 16 May 2005

I don't think so :o(

  [email protected] 11:09 16 May 2005

OK! Will trry and save the .WAB files and reload once ME is reinstalled and OE is (hopefully!) working again!

  Sapins 11:38 16 May 2005

You could also print out the Address book, at least you will have a copy of your contacts. I just select all from Edit and copy and paste them into Word.

  GroupFC 12:09 16 May 2005

If you go start>run>wab.exe>ok, it should oprn the address book (at least it does in XP!).

If you get that far in the address book go >file>export>address book(wab), select a name a place to save it and you'll have all your addresses to import back when you have sorted out the problems.

Alternatively, after export you could select other address book and save it as a .csv file.

Good luck!

  [email protected] 12:41 16 May 2005

OK.I cannot print the address book because I cannot open it. I have found two doing a search for .wab files. One follows the path given by Dart above, the other follows the C:\WINDOWS\APPLICATION DATA\MICROSOFT\ADDRESS BOOK path. I have copied both to Cd in the hope of opening them on my PC and then saving/copying for my Dad.
Are there any other progs. other than OE which could open this file for me? (given that OE is corrupted). Netscape is unable to import the data (although did import e-mails from the corrupted file yesterday).
I have tried notepad etc

  [email protected] 12:42 16 May 2005

I forgot to say that Group FC's advice was taken, but nothing happened :(

  GroupFC 13:10 16 May 2005

OK, I think that the application data path, is the one that holds all the revelant info. If you have copied this to CD, I think it should be possible to open it on your PC.

  [email protected] 13:16 16 May 2005

Off home to try it!

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