What external HDD drive should I choose?

  jamie9000 01:35 14 Dec 2013

Hi there,

I want to buy 1TB external drive to keep all my necessary staff in there. What kind of 1TB drive you could suggest ? My laptop has win7 and usb 2.0 and usb 3.0 slots.

Regards, A

  Ian in Northampton 09:51 14 Dec 2013

Any decent make - Iomega, Western Digital, HP should be fine. Go for a USB3.0 drive - much faster.

  jamie9000 12:07 14 Dec 2013

I know some of them are with power cable and some of them are only with cable from pc to drive. Which one is better ?

Is WD a good company for external HDD's ?

  Ian in Northampton 12:51 14 Dec 2013

I'd recommend getting one with its own power supply rather than one that uses USB for its power. That said: if portability is important to you, then USB-powered would be fine. And yes, I have a couple of WD external drives and they're fine.

  jamie9000 15:50 16 Dec 2013

What model's of WD you have ?

  Ian in Northampton 17:41 16 Dec 2013


  jamie9000 01:49 17 Dec 2013

well you suggested to get with its own power supply is there slightly difference ? All what I want is safe storage and safe while files are in transfer process.

If it's USB 3.0 device it won't work with USB 2.0 sockets ?

this one offers 3.0 and 2.0 but bad it doesn't offer password protection click here other choices are:

click here do you think about them ?

my http://www.ebuyer.com/509324-wd-1tb-elements-portable-hard-drive-wdbuzg0010bbk-eesn http://www.ebuyer.com/407777-seagate-1tb-expansion-portable-hard-drive-stbx1000201 http://www.ebuyer.com/396739-samsung-1tb-m3-portable-hard-drive-black-hx-m101tcb-g


  wee eddie 09:14 17 Dec 2013

Firstly: USB3 works perfectly with a USB2 (orUSB1) Computer.

Secondly: Password Protection is as safe as wherever you keep a record of your Password.

If the information, on the Drive, is of sufficient value to the Thief, your password will be cracked

  jamie9000 17:13 17 Dec 2013

which one from above would you suggest to buy ?

I would go for WD but as I read in feedback WD has a tiny socket which is easily to bend..

  wee eddie 20:20 17 Dec 2013

I have been using a WD, My Passport, 1Tb Drive, permanently plugged into a Powered USB2 Hub, with an 8 year old PC that has been upgraded from XP to W7, and using W7's Back-up Software, since August.

I also use it to store and view Movies, that I took off my main Hard Drive that was getting a little full.

Not a hint of a problem, as yet.

No Password Protection of course, because I believe that, should it be stolen and the thief wishes to view my files, he will connect up a suitable piece of software and leave it running over night. I know that no Password, that I can remember, will stand up to that level of examination.

p.s. I also keep an old Hard Drive, with a copy of everything which is updated every 3 months or so, at my sister's.

  jamie9000 15:48 19 Dec 2013

well we have always a chance to set password for winrar archive.

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