what is exFAT on my pen drives

  MJS WARLORD 09:10 27 Feb 2017

i have a intenso brand of pen drive that I put albums on to use in my car , I got some sandisc brand pens that wont work and when I put it in my pc and clicked properties it said exFAT instead of FAT32 ....... what is exFAT and can it be changed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:04 27 Feb 2017

exfat is MS new type of file structure.

your car probably won't recognise it so just right click the drive and format to FAt32

  Forum Editor 10:06 27 Feb 2017

exFAT is simply a more modern version of FAT32. Effectively, it has no file size limits, so it is more useful when big file sizes are involved.

There is little point in changing it, unless a specific device doesn't support it, which seems to be the case with your car. Just reformat the drive as FAT32 and you'll have no problems.

  Forum Editor 10:06 27 Feb 2017

*Fruit Bat /\0/*

Advice in stereo.

  MJS WARLORD 10:22 27 Feb 2017

Thanks for replies but i guess i wiĺl have to get another intensio brand one because the sandisc ones can only format to exfat or ntfs

  Forum Editor 12:25 27 Feb 2017

"the sandisc ones can only format to exfat or ntfs"

If you use this tool, you can format Sandisc drives of 64GB and above to FAT32.

Drives below that size can be formatted in Windows 10

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