what exactly is on a windows 10 disc.

  KEITH 1955 10:57 15 Jan 2017

got my first custom built pc, windows 10 was put on for me and i have the disc as well. i dont want to insert the disc to do explore contents in case the disc tries to auto run and crash what on my pc. what exactly is on the disc and do i need to make some sort of recovery discs same as you do on a shop bought pc. if i need to do a clean install do i just insert the disc and follow prompts. finally after doing a clean install would i have to re install the motherboard drivers.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:09 15 Jan 2017

The windows 10 DVD is a bootable DVD and contains the set up files for windows 10 and windows sytem fils and drivers in compressed format. The setup file decompresses them and install windows to your hard drive.

Your hard drive contains a system partition ( boot files) and a recovery partition containing windows tools. If your system crashes, windows failing to start 3 times in succession should cause the recovery tools to boot menu to allow you to repair or recover your machine.

In the event that this does not work, having a windows DVD or USB allows you to boot from the DVD/ USB and access the same repair menu but from the boot media instead of the hard drive.

Beware windows 10 system restore is switched off by default may be worth going into settings recovery and switch it on.

Some of us are paranoid about our data and will do backups or mage system images to external sources on a regular basis. The fabled Anniversary Update last August caused my machine not to boot all windows recovery systems faile ( restore, recovery from windows back up, reset keeping data, and reset without keeping data) luckily I had taken a system image with Macrium Reflect before applying the update.

  lotvic 14:35 15 Jan 2017

If you want to look at the files on the dvd, Hold down the Shift button on keyboard whilst you insert the dvd in the drive. Keep shift held down until drive activity stops (about 10-15 secs) You can then look at the files in the normal way via Windows Explorer.

Holding down Shift button stops the dvd from auto-running. Also on my Windows 10 pc when I insert the dvd I get a popup with menu asking me what I want to do: run setup, explore files, take no action.

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