What exactly will extra RAM do?

  TommyRed 21:37 13 Mar 2003

PC Pitstop advised me to get 128Mb of extra RAM, I already have 128Mb, but just what will be improved? I know the PC will increase speed but will it, say, improve download speed? Also if I go for it, can anyone recommend a site to buy it.

  VoG™ 21:41 13 Mar 2003

The last question is the easiest click here

It will speed up your 'puter but won't affect download speeds noticeably.

  powerless 21:42 13 Mar 2003

Memory from click here

More RAM will improve performance. It stops the compuyter writing to the hard disc and puts it all through the RAM...

RAM is faster.

Depends however what you do, if you have may applciactions open at once more RAM will help. If you are happy with your computer then dont upgrade, if you want a little performance booster then RAM is the component.

  powerless 21:43 13 Mar 2003

many applications

  DieSse 22:18 13 Mar 2003

Extra RAM will not increase the speed of your processor. What it will do is let larger programs, or programs handling large amounts of data >(eg photo manipulations), or multiple programs at the same time - run more efficiently.

This works, as said above, by reducing the need to use the (relatively) slow hard drive as "virtual RAM".

When you already have 128Mb, for many operations it will make little or no difference to overall speed - for some operations it can make a big difference. It's very unlikely to make any difference to web surfing or downloading, unless you have several windows open at once.

  Legolas 23:09 13 Mar 2003

When a computer system is running out of RAM it uses the HDD as virtual memory, as it takes longer to access the HDD, using virtual memory slows down the computer, if your system is constantly having to access the HDD in this way the hdd will constantly be in use this is known as "thrashing" extra RAM will lessen the need for the HDD to be used as virtual memory so it should have a beneficial effect on your system.

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