what email is compatible with thunderbird????

  z1100-83 22:51 15 Feb 2018

does anyone know of an email program fully compatible with thunderbird????

I need a separate program to do some obsolete mailbox sorting (from dead computers) and I do not want to convert to another format and back again

  difarn 10:15 16 Feb 2018

I have Hotmail, G-Mail and Yahoo working via Thunderbird.

  alanrwood 12:58 16 Feb 2018

Can you be a bit more specific about what you want. Thunderbird IS an email program (Client). It is compatible with all email systems from any source.

What program (client) were these old emails received in. What program (client) do you want to store them in now. Are you trying to read emails that were received and stored in a different email program (client).

  alanrwood 18:49 16 Feb 2018

That is why I asked the question above. I am still unsure of what the issue actually is.

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