what is UP email?

  palinka 15:55 22 Feb 2010

I sent an email from my @yahoo.co.uk address to a friend who has a btinternet address. It came back with the following message:
"The following message to [email protected]> was undeliverable.
The reason for the problem:
5.3.0 - Other mail system problem 554-'Message not allowed - UP Email not accepted for policy reasons. Please visit
click here [120]'"
I cannot recall the contents of the email, but it was not even remotely like spam and it was sent only to that single recipient.
What is UP email??

  Technotiger 15:58 22 Feb 2010

Supposedly University of the Philipines, but I would run all your anti-everything programs ASP.

  Rahere 16:01 22 Feb 2010

I suggest you click on your link or google the phrase - this explains the possible reasons which seem to be relayed mail, blocked email or IP address: Now contact BT/yahoo to sort this out as they are the only people who can explain their mail policies!

  Woolwell 18:28 22 Feb 2010

First Google click here

  palinka 18:50 22 Feb 2010

I have submitted a report (as per Woolwell's suggestion). Based on previous experience it will take 48 hrs for Yahoo to acknowledge receipt of that report and a further week for a "real" answer from Yahoo - but that will take the form of another report form on which I will repeat the same information that I have just sent to them - and then I will hear nothing more.

Th content of the email was simply 2 words -"Test 4" - as I was trying to discover whether my friend was receiving my emails; tests 1,2,& 3 had been sent from my other email addresses.

  Woolwell 20:04 22 Feb 2010

I suspect that too many e-mails with similar words and little else triggered their spam filter.

  palinka 22:49 22 Feb 2010

Alas, Woolwell, I find that Yahoo/BT have draconian filters that interrupt a LOT of mail - often without real reason. I have had to resort to test messages (sometimes sent from my "spare" and inconvenient-to-use addresses) because ever since Yahoo took over BT I have been unable to rely on my emails being delivered to either of those addresses. I am not alone in this experience.

  Woolwell 23:56 22 Feb 2010

Have you considered Google mail?

  palinka 09:50 23 Feb 2010

No, at least, not yet - because I have an address book of approx 300 contacts & I regularly send emails to around 100-150 of those but I have a problem ONLY with those few (approx 20) who use BT/Yahoo.

  Rahere 11:36 23 Feb 2010

My guess is if you are sending the same message to all 100-150 people you might be classed as a bulk sender so that might trigger a block on certain accounts which are managed aggressively for spam or potential unwanted mail.

  palinka 14:24 23 Feb 2010

No, Rahere - I NEVER send the same emails to 100 people; I mentioned that number to explain that the problem is solely with a relatively small number of addresses out of that 100 or so - and the problem ones are all BT/Yahoo addresses.
With BT/Yahoo it isn't that the owners of the adresses "manage them agressively" - it's BT/Yahoo that persist in sending perfectly innocuous emails into trash.

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