What is ECC/Parity?

  ivesy 19:13 30 Dec 2004

I've just bought 512MB PC2700 DDR RAM to go with my PC's 512MB which is made up of 2X256MB chips I've ran SISoft SANDRA it says something about ECC/Parity? Does anyone have any ideas what that means? I hope I haven't bought the wrong type of memory as I even took the motherboard manual to PC World to make sure I got the correct memory!

  Technotiger 19:40 30 Dec 2004

Hi, ECC = Error Checking & Correction. Parity Memory supported by some older system boards. Nine-bit memory in which the 9th bit is used for Memory Checking.

Non-Parity Memory, slightly less expensive 8-bit memory without error checking.

Must admit doesn't make a lot of sense to me either. Cheers. Basically - Parity is better than Non-Parity.

  ivesy 17:10 31 Dec 2004

Thanks for putting my mind at rest! The memory I have is exactly the same type as the installed memory except it's 'non parity' but if it wont make much difference then I'm happy with that!
Thanks again and all the best to everyone for 2005!

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