what is the EASIEST programme to crop photos??

  laptopdunce 09:18 04 Jan 2013

After a HORRIBLE RIGMAROLE with the uselss winows live essentials programme on my new windows 7 laptop (I REALLY MISS THE SIMPLE INTUITIVE PHOTO "FIX" CROP OPTION FROM MY EARLIER VISTA LAPTOP) I simply CANNOT waste hours and hours and DAYS trying to navigate the HORRIBLY complicated and timewasting rigmarole on windows 7 essentials photo viewer just to crop photos for ebay etc., so my question is ; What is the most simple, intuitive programme to crop photos (and save the original photo!!) so I can crop all my ebay photos simply and quickly? (I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with this windows 7 laptop and wish I had never bought this thing!! but it seems IMPOSSIBLE to find a simple intuitive programme like on Vista for simple crop/colour/lightness/contrast on photos) thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  michaelw 09:35 04 Jan 2013

Picasa is free and good http://picasa.google.co.uk/

  Secret-Squirrel 10:43 04 Jan 2013

"What is the most simple, intuitive programme to crop photos (and save the original photo!!)"

If that's all you require then I don't think you need to install any extra software as Windows 7's "Paint" will do the job just fine. Have a look at my post in your other thread on this topic for detailed instructions. If you've got any additional questions on this then just ask.

  SillBill 11:04 04 Jan 2013

I recommended Irfanview, NOTHING can be easier for cropping, drag and drop the picture into Irfanview, draw a box around your subject (using your mouse) click crop, click save as.

  Ian in Northampton 11:17 04 Jan 2013

I 100% endorse SillBill's recommendation. For the simple stuff, nothing I've found is easier to use than IrfanView. (It can do quite a lot of cool stuff too, but it ain't Photoshop...)

  Procrastinus 14:54 04 Jan 2013

You want the EASIEST, you said - then use the paint programme already installed in Win 7

  iscanut 15:22 04 Jan 2013

This is being duplicated !!

  iscanut 15:23 04 Jan 2013

PS I have already recommended Picassa on his other thread which he has chosen to ignore

  lotvic 15:31 04 Jan 2013

What would be easiest for those trying to help you, is for you to stick to one thread with your problem. This would allow us to know what has already been suggested and rejected by you.

This Thread is number 4

  SillBill 15:41 04 Jan 2013

This is my last post to any of these threads, I'm beginning to suspect a wind-up!

  lotvic 16:13 04 Jan 2013

It doesn't get much simpler than this:

This is for the free program Irfanview 4 http://www.irfanview.com/

During Install - Remember to Untick also 'include Chrome web browser'

Edit | create custom crop selection | (Actual ratio from image) click on 'Save and apply to image' | use mouse cursor to drag the selection border lines (double headed arrow on lines) up or down, and left or right to cover the area you want to keep inside your 'box' | Edit menu, 'Crop Selection' (or hold down Crtl and press Y)

now go to, File | Save As and Save the result as (name of file here)cropped.jpg ((or whatever file name you want).jpg - or whatever file extension you want). You can now close your original picture. You will now have two pictures saved on your harddrive, the original and a new one that is cropped.

Now you can open your newly saved cropped picture in whatever program you want and do whatever you want with it :)

I shall put the above on all four of your threads to ensure you get to read it.

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