what DVD R?

  swapper 17:57 08 Feb 2004

I have a cupboard full of VHS films (lots of space being used.

If I buy a DVD R (or something), can I copy these films to DVD (or something)and thus reduce the storage.

1. Is this legal (I don't want any trouble).
2. What DVD writer should I get?
3. Is it as simple as I hope it would be :-))

there yer go! two simple questions :-)

  y_not 19:25 08 Feb 2004

1. Technically I think you are allowed to make ONE copy for your own use (provided you retain the original VHS)

2. Any that writes DVD,s BUT check that your DVD player will play them click here to check your DVD player

3. You need a method of connecting VHS player to PC (usually phono plugs to Graphics card or external USB device), software to copy to, burning software that will burn to DVD format (VIDEO_TS files)

And thats basically it!

No its not that simple - I spend hours working at it .... but the results are worth it cause all my tapes are home videos ;-))

Post back if you want more info

  clayton 19:25 08 Feb 2004

i think your best bet is to go purchase all your videos on dvd as the sound & picture quality is so much better & its not legal to copy them.

  swapper 16:05 09 Feb 2004

Thanks y_not, that is an interesting site.
I want to have a go at this if for no other reason than to say than I can do it :-)
At the moment I am using CD's as a back up storeage, so I thought that I could get more on a DVD also, whadya think :-)

clayton, thanks for your imput but if I replaced all of my tapes by buying them on DVD(if I could get them) I would be giving up, this seems to be a bit of a challenge :-)
I'll have to ask again about the legal side and get a positive repsonse.
Thanks again.

  duckers 16:43 09 Feb 2004

I think the NEC 2500A is a good writer, it does DVD+/- both at 8 speed and is about £100.
As above you need a method of getting your videos's onto the POC so you will need some kind of TV input card.

  Rayuk 18:09 09 Feb 2004

This week only
ND2500A 8x R+ & R- £80.49 plus p&p
click here

Have a look at
click here
many guides there.

  swapper 17:05 10 Feb 2004

Thanks everyone, I will look at the sites, suggestions etc. and come back.
Its the legal side that I am really concerned about, I will start another thread I think.
Thanks again.

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