What DVD Discs do i need to buy?

  Internetwhizzkid 14:29 12 Nov 2006

my new laptop is arriving on tuesday. now it has a Internal 8x DVD +/RW- drive.

Now when i have look for disks there are DVD R + and - but what does this mean.

from looking it does it mean that i will need DVD R + disks and
and DVD RW - for rewriteable


  mike1967 14:33 12 Nov 2006

You can you use whatever you want, if you are going to copy movies check what youre dvd player will take, eg the dvd players in my house only play +r so thats all I buy

  Hertz Van Rentyl 14:36 12 Nov 2006

See which formats your burner supports first, then purchase discs with the appropriate format.
Most burners write either R- or R+ and most players play either so take your pick.

  mike1967 14:40 12 Nov 2006

Are you sure most players take both? I was shocked when my player wouldnt play -r

I do think all players will play +r though

  Hertz Van Rentyl 14:44 12 Nov 2006

How old is it

  Internetwhizzkid 14:46 12 Nov 2006

this laptop is brand new i havent got it yet but the incvoice says it has a dvd burner etc i just want to get the right discs not the wrong ones

  Koochy 14:46 12 Nov 2006

I have lookied into this a couple of times now and the best way i had it described to me was just like back in the old days VHS and Beta max in the end VHS won because it was the cheaper option even though the Beta max supposedly offered the higher quality.
I have been told that +R gives a better quality (although not really noticeable on normal equipment but usually the -R are cheaper. Most DVD players will now play both (especially the cheaper ones) so i would recommend -R IF you burner will accept them.


  mike1967 14:47 12 Nov 2006

it will probably copy using any to be honest but just chech by reading the literature when you get it

  Hertz Van Rentyl 14:54 12 Nov 2006

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  Hertz Van Rentyl 14:59 12 Nov 2006

Try this link
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  mike1967 15:30 12 Nov 2006

Look the big word here is the cheaper ones play anything my sont one only like +r

My daughters cheapo plays anything but thats not the question raised in the begining was it

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