What dvd dics to use on a recovery backup

  charlton200 18:54 26 Aug 2011

On my new laptop I have to create some recovery discs. It says use high quality disconly. I have some panasonic ones, don't know if they are high quality or not. If I need high quality ones, what type/make should I get, and how many discs will I need?

Thank you

  tullie 19:25 26 Aug 2011

Any dvd-r should do the job,it depends on your laptop how many it will need,mine needs two.

  robin_x 21:08 26 Aug 2011

Probably 3 x DVD and 1 x CD or DVD repair disc.

Any brand will be OK, they all fail/get scratched.

Once you have made a set, use Imgburn to clone a set of extra discs since your mfr will only allow one set.


Don't forget you will also have a Recovery Partition which should be used in preference tp discs.

And of course you will have an ext HDD with enough free space to make regular System Images, which are much, much more preferable to making factory recoveries??

A clean W7+SP1 backup image will be 23+GB

  robin_x 21:10 26 Aug 2011

Oh and the reason for 2 sets of DVDs??

When you do have to use them, in some years time, you get an abort/retry/fail message and pop out the dodgy disc and put the 2nd clone in.

  rdave13 21:13 26 Aug 2011

I always use Verbatim DVD-R discs. You can't use any rewritable (RW) discs, for obvious reasons, as the backup manager, usually, will warn that the discs aren't suitable. On my latest HP laptop it took 4 DVD-R discs to create the restore discs. Just a tip, once you create these discs then copy them, if you can, just as an extra back-up.

  charlton200 07:56 27 Aug 2011

Thank you for your answers. It says that I have to use DVD+r discs on my backup. It also says, that a recovery disc can be bought from Hp, does anyone know how much this is? I do have an external hard drive, but I don't know how to do system images. I am only a basic user and I'm not sure of all the technology and get easily confused by it.

  charlton200 08:30 27 Aug 2011

continuing on from my previous post - I see that I can use DVD-R and DVD+R as well.

When I got the laptop which was yesterday I set up straight away the 60 day free trial of Norton security. Is it ok to do the backing up now or should I have done it without Norton being activated?

  rdave13 10:11 27 Aug 2011

Burn the back-up discs as soon as possible. It doesn't matter what you've installed. If you need to use them at any time they will revert the laptop back to factory settings as it was new.

  charlton200 10:42 27 Aug 2011

I tried backing up but got this message, "We are experiencing errors in media creation, please try again". I did, but it still didn't work. i will have to buy some new discs to see if they work.

  rdave13 11:06 27 Aug 2011

HP suggests disconnecting from the 'net and disabling UAC and closing all programs before creating the discs.

Creating HP recovery discs

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