What Drivers for my SATA Hard Drive?

  Revenant 11:30 31 Dec 2004


I've a Poweroid 2302, with a SATA 150UDMA 250GB 8MB cache hard drive and I'm trying to determine it's manufacturer & make/model...

However, due to a registery failure I can't access Windows XP so am trying to load from my disk & repair. The problem being that (I think - I'm not too knowledgeable on this stuff!!) that if I boot from the CD Rom I can't go through the windows repair because it doesn't detect my hard drive, because it is a RAID device which isn't configured.

So my thinking is that if I can identify the Hard Drive, I can get the drivers, go for the windows repair, hit f6 to load a RAID driver and continue from there....

Does any of that sound correct?! Thanks,Simon.

  AragornUK 12:12 31 Dec 2004

Have you tried, during boot, pressing (I think, although I know it seems to be different motherboard to motherboard) F8 and accessing the boot menu? You could try loading the Last Known Good Configuration from there.

Failing that, the only wasy of identifying the drive is to either access the BIOS and get the make / model from there, or physically remove it and have a look. Other than that it sounds like you're on the right track. You ned to get the SATA drivers on a floppy, then follow the on screen prompts during booting from the XP disc.

  Revenant 12:20 31 Dec 2004

(am at work so can't check this...)

It was listed in the Bios as being [SATA 378 TX2 D0].

Having a rummage through my CD's, I have an ASUS disc (my mobo is an ASUS) which appears to have several drivers on it for SATA/RAID/IDE configuration. This has both a folder path for "378RAID" & "378SATA" ... I'll try these out.

Thanks for the response Aragon - glad to know I'm fumbling around in the right areas!

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