What is: dotNetFx40_Client_setup

  LARGO 15:14 12 Dec 2013

I am trying to tidy up my PC and am going through Download files at present. Some of these are old downloads that are easily identified and I can be fairly sure that they are no longer required. Some were downloaded and never run.

There are other files that I am not certain about and I do not want to delete any necessary files in error. One such file is:


I have Googled it and it seems to be a Microsoft file but I cannot find any description of what it actually does. It is in the Downloads rather than the Programmes folder and it must be something I downloaded myself but maybe have not run. Should it be kept or deleted?

  Batch 15:35 12 Dec 2013

My take on it is that DotNet is a set of build blocks / methods that software developers can use / access in their applications in order to avoid developing everything from scratch themselves.

So in instances where software applications (that you use) have been built to use DotNet, if you were to uninstall DotNet those appications would cease to function.

In any event, it sounds like what you are describing is not the installed DotNet but a download (of an installer?). You say it is in Downloads, but what is the full path (e.g. C:\Users\Largo\Downloads)?

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