What does shareware do to the registry?

  TimCDC 20:38 25 Jun 2003

I've installed a few games on my computer, which I have subsequently got rid of after the trial period. But I noticed the other day when I inadvertently tried to run an old program again, that somehow it knew that it had been there before - it told me that the trial period was over, and I needed to register the program. Quite right too, I thought, as this is the whole purpose of shareware. But I'm interested to know what the original program does that helps it know its been there already. I've often installed things just for the trial period, and I guess I'm wondering how long it will be until my registry (or whatever other system the shareware uses to track itself) fills up with markers that aren't actually helping my computer run effeciently, but are simply remnants of old programmes. Is there anyway I can tidy up my system?

  powerless 20:49 25 Jun 2003

"Is there anyway I can tidy up my system?" - Format the drive. (drastic)

Or you could try reg cleaners that look in the registry and see what shouldnt be there. click here click here click here

  Wak 20:53 25 Jun 2003

"Easycleaner" is a very good program for cleaning the Registry and for getting rid of unneccessary files. It can be found in most magazine download sections and on free discs.

  TimCDC 20:54 25 Jun 2003

Hmm, thanks Powerless. Agree that it woudl be drastic to format the system, but its an option! I've tried running two registry cleaners, RegScrub and WinOptimiser, but neither seem to make any difference. They were looking for orphans, and their failure to pick anything up made me wonder if perhaps the shareware had done something elsewhere - perhaps in my documents and settings?

  TimCDC 20:55 25 Jun 2003

Good one, Wak. I'll look out for that and give it a try.

  DieSse 21:08 25 Jun 2003

Most registry cleaners do a pretty poor job of emptying out such things from the registry. For sure the tracking entries will be in the registry, and not elsewhere.

  woodchip 21:14 25 Jun 2003

It's not just the registry, but files a left on your computer that uninstall does not remove

  woodchip 21:16 25 Jun 2003

Keep trying Shareware etc is a one way ticket to computer suicide

  VoG® 22:17 25 Jun 2003

Well if not suicide then severe disability - I agree. Same with cover disks. How to break your 'puter in one easy step.....

  artist 22:24 25 Jun 2003

Desn't seem to do much damage if you make a restore point before installing.

  Pesala 08:49 26 Jun 2003

Buy a new PC every year and sell your old one. That way you keep up to date with the latest developments, get the latest Operating System, always have a warranty, and at the same time clean out your registry. Since you only need to change the base unit, it is not that expensive. Buy a new one £500, sell the old one for maybe £200. So £300 for a one year extended warranty, faster PC, and updated OS.

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