What does a server do ?

  [email protected] 12:54 04 May 2004

As a complete novice what is and what does a sever do? I see adverts on the tv for servers and it means nothing to me.
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40gb hard drive

  Valvegrid 13:06 04 May 2004

This may be interest:

click here

  TomJerry 13:26 04 May 2004

So basically, it is a computer which handles some tasks (also store information) centerally for a network with many PCs.

So Joe public do not need it.

  techpro 13:32 04 May 2004

Strictly speaking a server is software not hardware. You could run a web server on your home computer just by downloading a file from click here and pointing it at some html pages. So it's the software that runs on it that determines whether a computer is a server.

  GaT7 13:54 04 May 2004

Some simple Definitions of a Server - click here.

  GaT7 14:04 04 May 2004

If you need to know the meaning of (just about) anything - go to click here & type define:computer, define:motherboard or define:lover (as examples) in the search box & press the Search button. You'll get a short description/definition of the item from several sources ; )

  poogles_uk 14:52 04 May 2004

And if you only get 1 result, congratulations it is a google wack

  poogles_uk 15:10 04 May 2004

A file server on a network could be a machine with a large hard drive, servers usually have multiple CPU's or scsi raid drives

  recap 15:15 04 May 2004

As has been said above a server is really a piece of software.

A server holds information on users, and computer settings. It can be configured to control the TCP/IP settings of the client computers across a network. DHCP can control the TCP/IP setting on the network to save inputting an individual IP address, and make sure one IP address is not assigned to two client machines.

You can load one program (say Office 2K)on to the server and have it distributed across a whole network of computers, without having to manually install it on all computers.

You can also have a DNS server, File Server, Print Server an Application Server, a Web Server, Exchange Server and so on.

  poogles_uk 15:19 04 May 2004

Where would someone find the info e.g for software to make those servers?

  TomJerry 15:22 04 May 2004

Can anyone run a server with a PC without Network connection card?

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