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What does 'On the same (mains) circuit' mean?

  stlucia2 09:53 08 Mar 2020

I wish to improve my WiFi signal in my conservatory, and one of the systems that involves a sender and receiver plugged into the mains sockets seems to be the simplest solution. But reading up on them I see that they both need to be 'on the same circuit'. My house has a single mains input to a standard circuit breaker board, with a main circuit breaker and several miniature circuit breakers for different zones and functions (lights, sockets, cooker).

So does each separate MCB count as a separate circuit in this case?

  BT 17:38 10 Mar 2020

If I put a "booster" in an area with a low WiFi signal, how does it reliably receive the weak signal in order to boost it to a strength that my other devices can work with

A wiFi booster will work better if placed in a position between the Router and the area you wish to boost the signal in rather than in that area, thereby 'Boosting' the signal to your required place.

  difarn 18:04 11 Mar 2020

Prior to FTTP via the telegraph pole being installed last year I used home plugs, which like wee eddie worked fine on different RCD protected sides of a fuseboard. When FTTP was installed I took advantage of an offer from BT and now use their mesh wifi system which works even better than the home plugs. I have one in the sitting room, on the upstairs landing and in the dining room at the back of the house. I can now enjoy wifi at quite a distance away in my large rear garden, should I want to.

  Sm11 21:58 11 Mar 2020

Hi.just read the tech advisor on power line adapters & note the comment that phone chargers cause lots of interference. How about usb sockets in mains outlets? Is there any reason why they should be less problematic? Thanks S

  stlucia2 04:55 13 Mar 2020

Having read the link given earlier, some kind of a mesh system sounds like the best. But they're expensive compared with the pug system. So, wee eddie are you able to tell us which make and model you're using that works okay on separate MCB circuits?

  wee eddie 06:58 13 Mar 2020

I bought mine several years ago and that Model is no longer on the market.

The only three pieces of advice that I can give are:

Get a Pass Through Model, which'll mean that you can carry on using that socket for whatever purpose you previously were.

Plug it directly into a mains socket, not a UPS or Anti Surge Bar.

The Model that creates an extra WiFi Spot are worth the extra money in the long term. Mine won't do that and I can't get WiFi in the Studio, I have to plug an Ethernet Cable (aka CAT 5 Cable) into it. While not a serious problem, every now and again I kick myself

  stlucia2 03:00 15 Mar 2020

Thanks wee eddie. I'm abroad at the moment, but will shop around when I get home.

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