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What does 'On the same (mains) circuit' mean?

  stlucia2 09:53 08 Mar 2020

I wish to improve my WiFi signal in my conservatory, and one of the systems that involves a sender and receiver plugged into the mains sockets seems to be the simplest solution. But reading up on them I see that they both need to be 'on the same circuit'. My house has a single mains input to a standard circuit breaker board, with a main circuit breaker and several miniature circuit breakers for different zones and functions (lights, sockets, cooker).

So does each separate MCB count as a separate circuit in this case?

  x13 10:38 08 Mar 2020

Switch off the socket breaker then check the socket in the conservatory and house. Check the sockets to see which are off. They might all be off but it's a way to see if on same circuit.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:39 08 Mar 2020

They work best if connected together on the same circuit i.e. fed from the circuit mcb shown as sockets.

If you have separate circuits like I do, upstairs sockets, downstairs sockets, kitchen sockets, outside (garage) sockets are fed of different mcbs, they may still work but not as efficiently.

As long as they are all fed from the same Consumer Unit then they should work ok.

  stlucia2 13:11 08 Mar 2020

Thanks. I have no problem checking if the socket near my router/WiFi and in the conservatory are on the same MCB -- they're not. I'll probably look at other solutions, rather than try something that's not so efficient.

  wee eddie 13:30 08 Mar 2020

Ring-mains and Circuits: Your power comes in to the house on a single Feeder Cable. It goes into the Distribution Board/Box, thereafter it is connected to any number of Ring-mains, each with its own fuse.

So long as your Homeplug (type) Units are connected to Sockets on one of the Ring Mains, connected to that Distribution Board, they should work without any problem

  wee eddie 13:32 08 Mar 2020

Paragraph 2 should read:

"So long as your Homeplug (type) Units are connected to Sockets on any of the Ring Mains

  bremner 13:41 08 Mar 2020

Not necessarily “any”.

Home plugs are not guaranteed to work between different MCB ring mains and even less likely if they are also on different RCD protected sides of a fuseboard.

  wee eddie 14:49 08 Mar 2020

They do on mine

  stlucia2 05:40 09 Mar 2020

My MCBs are, I believe, RCDs. So that reduces the chance of a HomePlug-type pair working well?

If not sending signals through the mains, like HomePlug, what's the simplest other technology? If I put a "booster" in an area with a low WiFi signal, how does it reliably receive the weak signal in order to boost it to a strength that my other devices can work with? Is it simply because it has bigger and/or more-efficient antennae than the regular devices?

  x13 07:41 09 Mar 2020

Have a look here for info.

  stlucia2 08:42 09 Mar 2020

That's useful x13. Thanks. I'll read through it all.

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