what does oem stand for?

  thetobster 15:19 15 Apr 2004

hi i know it sound stupid ,but could anyone tell me what oem stands fot please???

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 15:27 15 Apr 2004

Original Equipment Manufacturer to be short - for a bit more info click here

  Carm0 15:29 15 Apr 2004

oem = basically comes without all the fancy packaging ect

thus making it cheaper

  Stuartli 15:31 15 Apr 2004

There are many threads on the subject in the forums - a search will reveal them - but it stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

In the case of hardware, components and software it's generally manufacturers supplying system builders with their products minus the retail packs; in that way the builders obtain them at the lowest possible price.

However, you can also buy such products from many online retailers i.e. a bare hard drive or graphics card.

Most will come with the standard guarantee and you also pay much less than for the retail version; OEM software, however, such as that supplied with a system, is supported only by the seller rather than the software company.

  ventanas 15:39 15 Apr 2004

Bit of a joke that, isn't it. They cannot sell OEM software unless they also sell the hardware it is fixed to. If it's an OEM version of Windows or Office, Microsoft only permit their accredited system builders to supply it. The wording on this site is a weak attempt at a get out. If OEM software is not sold with an associated non-peripheral item of hardware to which is permanently tied it is illegal.

So if you manage to buy an OEM copy of Windows with a mouse, and that mouse fails you must stop using that copy of Windows.

By the way these are not my opinions, they come from FAST. If anyone knows the rules they will.

  Gaz 25 15:46 15 Apr 2004

Theres you answer.

I use them to make the cost of my computers cheaper.

  Sir Radfordin 16:02 15 Apr 2004

It is a complex area and even MS don't always seem to know what the situation is. It seems to be a bit of a grey area.

Unless the system is abused then I doubt much will be done about it. MS et al are much more likely to want an OEM version to be bought than nothing at all.

  Stuartli 16:12 15 Apr 2004

I remember a thread where someone pointed out you could buy a student version of Windows without having to prove you are a student...

The cost saving is quite useful.

  thetobster 16:18 15 Apr 2004

so thats what oem means then , right ok thanks to everyone that helped with my little problem much appreciated thanx...

  ventanas 16:25 15 Apr 2004

Sir Radfordin


Both very true points. I didn't realise I was sounding a bit like a preacher. It was a few months ago that MS dropped the requirement for student proof. I had a meeting with some people from FAST a while back and OEM took up quite a lot of it. The problem is though that it is abused, so they think. Anyway activation has probably killed of most of the misuse of Windows and Office.

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