What does this mean exactly?

  Kate B 17:37 16 Jan 2005

I'm probably being dim but could someone explain please how to do this:

"Just start the game with -console added to the shortcut command line."

Doing the above adds a cheat console to a game I'm rather hooked on at the moment but I'm not quite sure exactly what to do. I've opened the shortcut's properties and typed "-console" on the end of the target, which is what I assumed it meant, and I couldn't close the properties box because the target wasn't valid.

Anyone enlighten me please?

  powerless 17:42 16 Jan 2005

.../blah/mygame.exe" -console

  Kate B 17:43 16 Jan 2005

Yup, cheating - but where do I edit that? In the game folder or in the shortcut or both?

  VoG II 17:45 16 Jan 2005

In the target box for the shortcut but note that -console is outside the quotes.

  Kate B 17:49 16 Jan 2005

I'm still getting "target not valid" finger-wagging, VoG ...

  powerless 17:55 16 Jan 2005

For HL2?

What are you reading, lets take a look...

  Kate B 17:58 16 Jan 2005

No, it's for Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines (lots of bloodthirsty fun!)

here's what I'm looking at:

click here

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