what does this mean?

  [DELETED] 20:39 24 Sep 2003

I keep getting the following message every time I start up my pc.
Memory access violation in module hernel 32 at 7318:8544382e.
Can anybody what it means and how do I sort it out? I have windows xp and norton antivirus and utilites. Thanks in advance

  [DELETED] 20:46 24 Sep 2003

Sounds very much like faulty RAM to me, although someone else may know better.

If you have two 'pieces' of RAM would suggest you take one out at a time (whilst PC is off) and reboot. See if the error is repeated.

  powerless 20:46 24 Sep 2003

Go to start > Run > Type:


Click ok.

Then click SATARTUP up at the top.

Remove all ticks.

Restart the computer and if the message does not appear then it is on of the programs that you have set to run when windows loads.

Place a tick back in the box in the startup list ONE BY ONE and restart each time. This should tell you which program is causing the message.

I have afeeling it is norton utils.

For a list of what you are stopping from starting (in msconfig) click here

If you are running Firewall and AV, ideally you will have these to start auto. As your only seeing whhat program is cauing the message, you'll be ok to stop these programs.

Assuming it one of the programs that is set to start when windows loads. Which the above will tell you.

  Boy Zone 20:57 24 Sep 2003

YES this is a virus. I installed a patch which I thought had come from Microsoft, but it was a virus. Following this my antivirus software would not work. You need to go to Nortons home page a get the tool to remove the virus.

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