What does the following message mean

  ponytail 09:56 07 Feb 2018

I keep getting the following message after going into any website Say I am in PCA and want to go into the forums the message appears PCA.com is not responding I then click on recover web page and that takes me back to where I was.This message can appear whatever website I am using.Getting into he site is fine it is just trying to go further.It happened earlier when I was on my online banking site and on Amazon yesterday.Any ideas.Thanks

  Forum Editor 10:43 07 Feb 2018

Which browser are you using?

  ponytail 11:03 07 Feb 2018

Google could it be caused by the laptop running slow

  alanrwood 11:33 07 Feb 2018

Google is not a browser it is a search engine used from within a browser.

  Forum Editor 11:36 07 Feb 2018

"...could it be caused by the laptop running slow"

The message could have any one of a number of causes, but let's start with the most likely one, which is your browser. Are you using Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Firefox?

  ponytail 13:03 07 Feb 2018

I use internet explorer 11

  ponytail 13:06 07 Feb 2018

Is it possible to send a attachment on here

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