what DOES find AND REMOVE spyware?????

  df118 13:06 03 Mar 2004

can anyone recommend a programme that DOES find AND remove spyware . am running Wondos 98 2nd ed.refer to my other on " missing files" for problems I am having with bazooka and Spyhunter and spykiller, both of which have removed needed files from my computer on uninstalling them.....anything "free" or relatively cheep????

  Taff36 13:13 03 Mar 2004

Diodorus Siculus gave you the links to Adaware & Spybot in your original thread. Recommend you follow them.

  df118 21:23 06 Mar 2004

DO adaware and spybot DO what they are supposed Tto do; my Guard IE works beautifully, stopping ads etc.IS there a programme I CAN run safetly and remove safetly if I am not happy with it for find ing and safetly removing spyware and bugs..I do NOT want another HUGER repair bill for this system.........and PLEASE no one moan at me for being cautios. I AM a novice at this and do not want to mess upthis system any more than it already IS......

  sattman 21:41 06 Mar 2004

Adaware and Spybot are both reliable programmes.

With regard to your earlier problem regarding deleted essential files.

The safe practice is to temporarily rename any files that you have doubts about deleting and wait a while to see if your computor is ok with out the file. You can restore the original name if the file proves to be still essential.

  Kinder Scout 21:50 06 Mar 2004

If you have spare cash lying around Webroots Spysweeper is excellent. click here

  df118 21:58 06 Mar 2004

forgot to mention ,, do NOT want a firwall on this sytem if any of the above suggestions contain one; HAD one here a whil ago anf it drove me NUTTY; took IT off an dcreated even MORE problms with files coming of that needed to stay on;; yes, I HAVE had fun and games with this thing......
BUT;;; will the webroot spysweeper DO what it says, IS it a genuine free tiral and will the tiral remove anything from my omputer that is not needed , that IS spyware, or will i have to pay even for THAT?????
yes, I know I AM suspicious,,,but I am treading bvery carefully here,," onc bitten twice shy"...actually more than once bitten.....

Spybot and Ad-aware really do work, and they don't remove files that you need. cnet.com is a useful site for reviews and downloads

  Kinder Scout 22:20 06 Mar 2004

Not everyone would agree with buying a product such as SpySweeper, but if you are happy buying utilty software Webroot are a long term & trusted company. SpySweeper is easily removed if you don't want to buy it after the trial, I bought it.

  df118 22:29 06 Mar 2004

what"s wrong with spysweeper???is it a trustable thing or..... and what cost;if I hd it and ran a scan and removed what is on computer if shown and paid nothing, could I do that with it??? and would uninstalling take off yet MORE progrmas nd files that I DO need on this sytem ( TOLD one that I AM a novice at this.......!!!)
my guard IE works beautifully, so why cant I find a spyremover that works just as nicely without any problems and does not bu--er up my computer...????!!!!or am I asking for the moon......actuallu my missing files to get back onto my computer and my virus thing to work properly....... thats all, but perhaps just asking tooo much......

  Diodorus Siculus 22:35 06 Mar 2004

Adaware and SpyBot S&D are free and well trusted programs.

Neither install a firewall, nor do they bear any realation to firewall software.

There are many programs out there that you can pay money for if that is what you want, but in this case you really do get good software for no cost.

It seems that your problems lie much deeper than spyware issues.

  shizzy 22:47 06 Mar 2004

If you need advice on here you need some degree of trust. Just do as others say and why not install Adaware first, try that and then Spybot. We all find them both INVALUABLE. People on here are not getting paid for their good advice so it is not in their interest to tell you anything other than that.

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