What does the design need...?

  betherly 14:00 07 Dec 2012

I am currently developing a site for my dad's business. I am really more of a developer than a designer and am definitely still learning. I have had mixed feedback so far with some liking it but others thing it is too boring...needs more colour...any ideas of what i could do to keep it businessy but also give it the extra edge? Thanks in advance!!!


  betherly 15:50 08 Dec 2012

Thanks so much for your feedback. really appreciated!

  Ansolan 01:38 10 Dec 2012

The site isn't a bad effort, seen much worse.

First thing you might want to do is password protect the folder, to stop indexing in search.

The points made by forum member make sense. Worth experimenting with different fonts and sizes, also the apparent links. First thing I would dispose of is the animation at the top, more MySpace than business site, will put people off. Nothing wrong with imagery but how about a gently fading in and out slideshow if you need to go through images.

others thing it is too boring..

Wouldn't worry about that, there are reasons some of the most successful sites on the planet go for a fairly straightforwad approach, they like money. Of course there is a compromise and the best way to see them is look at good sites. Also worth a glance at sites showcased on good design domains/blogs, they can be a bit over the top, like fashion shows but might lend inspiration.

If you are not used to working with colour on the web, worth visiting this sort of place:



Again, you need to be careful but will find good ideas. The colours you are using at the moment aren't too bad, or so much lacking in colour, just don't quite work. The site generally gives an impression of trying to do things to get noticed, subtle elegance is often better for a business.

  jonasmarsh621 06:40 18 Dec 2012

Yeah, the top bar certainly is too plain. Add a little bit of design or change the font.

  Vain 13:52 28 Dec 2012

It's not bad. It's kind of plain and then you get to a bunch of colours that don't really work well together. If you some better features with just CSS, such as shadows, better navigation buttons, better hover etc.

It's kind of flat as well. But like I said, it's not bad. Nice job.

  wiz-king 13:57 28 Dec 2012

Lack of geographical info - I suspect that this is a small company (father and daughter?) despite the map of the world and you may be better saying 'Bristol -UK - based' especially as you are talking about 'personal' help.

You have gone from one extreme to the other, the old website is crude but this new one is a bit to flashy for a business site.

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