what does chipped mean in regards to printers

  prestoni 15:06 17 Mar 2004

Am looking to buy an epson stylus photo 830 printer but someone told me it must take chipped cartridges. I am at a loss as to what this means. I chose this printer cus it is on offer and the compatible cartridges on line are about a fiver or less. Now i am not sure if the printer I want to buy will accept the said cartridges. would love some sound advice about " chipped " and any other reasonably priced printers etc

  bananaslik 15:20 17 Mar 2004

hi prestoni,the 'chipped' cartridges have a little micro chip on them,it's supposed to tell you info about the ink amount,how much you have left in your cartridge.they can b expensive at some places & they r not very reliable as to how much ink they have left.there is a court hearing going on at the moment in USA about it all.

  xania 15:30 17 Mar 2004

Most printers now on the market use cartridges that are 'chipped'. Its there to enable you to see how much ink is left. Unfortunately, it also encorages you to buy replacements before you need to, by giving an alert far too early. Worse still, I have heard that some of the chips actually stop the printer from working. Its, to my mind, malpractice on the part of the manufactuers. AFter all, if you've got a colour cartridge and one colour is a bit low, you should still be able to use the rest of the cartridge until the reproduction is not to your liking.

Ideally, we should be able to buy print cartridges from where we like - the hardware manufacturers don't like this, a chip technology is one way to interfere with market forces. The real problem is that the print quality of most non-proprietary cartidges is a bit questionable - if you can live with what they do, OK, but for decent photo prints etc, you are stuck with the proprietary cartridges.

At least, my HP cartiridges allow me to go on printing until I get nothing out of them - but I do have to put up with constant remionders that I need to replace the cartridge.

  LAP 18:42 17 Mar 2004

If you look at click here they only do chipped cartridges for the 830. I've found compatibles to be no different from the originals. Best Lap..

  March Hare 19:43 17 Mar 2004

This little free utility click here
solves the problem of having to throw Epson chipped cartridges away before they're empty.
In effect, it nullifies the the effect of the chip, then you can continue printing until you notice a deterioration.

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