What does 64 bit do for me?

  bemuzed 21:14 17 Mar 2005

I've beed reading about AMD 64 bit chips and they seem to speed up 32 bit applications, but also read that they are really waiting for 64 bit applications. Then I read that the advantage comes fom 64bit being able to address many g of memroy. Now I would not be able toa ffors that or fit it into a PC. So when 64 bit applications turn up, who wants them?

  howard60 22:29 17 Mar 2005

as with all new chips they will run existing stuff faster. When the new os and progs written for 64-bit turn up they will run faster than the old 32 bit ones run. As far as I am concerned my next pc will be a 64-bit or whatever is around when I decide to build it. My big proviso being the cost. If the 64-bit chip and mobo are the same price or cheaper than 32-bit then great but I will not pay a price penalty.

  josie mayhem 23:08 17 Mar 2005

I'm ready and waiting.

With the 64 chips, they are backward compatiable, so if running a 32 bit application then it run at that, but it will also run any 64 bit application at the same time.

But until a 64 bit application comes in (namely longhorn) it does seem to run faster with the 32 bit applications.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:33 18 Mar 2005

For the vast majority of users emperor's + new + clothes.


  DrScott 06:15 18 Mar 2005

Despite what Gandalf says, they do run faster than 32 bit chips... look at the PCA top 10 pcs!

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