what do you think?answers gratefully recieved

  drdeath 12:20 24 Sep 2003

im intrested in buying a website business,could anyone give me there thoughts on buying a website off this company...click here thank you

  Jester2K II 12:35 24 Sep 2003

Basically you are mad...

These are designed to make someone else money - not you.

You will end up forking out loads of cash to set up and then will see little return.

You will have to spend time and money getting the site promoted and the return will be little.


  Confab 12:44 24 Sep 2003

I would rather pile my cash up in the corner and set fire to it. As least then my money would heat up the room. Don't waste your time on these.


  Djohn 12:51 24 Sep 2003

I agree with Jester2K II. Had a good look at the site and I can't seem to find anything offered that you could not do yourself. They appear to be offering ready made templates of which you choose one that resembles closely the business you want to set-up. You then fill in all the details that are personal to your requirements and find a host site.

Although I would not know how to start thinking of designing a site, and then getting it out on the web, making sure it was well advertised and linked to search engines. If I was to start my own business, I would learn these techniques myself and save some money. Regards. j.

Whenever I see these sorts of "Business Opportunities" for sale I ask mayself a simple question -

"If they are as succesful as the make out, why on earth is the company selling them?"

By this I do not mean selling an established profit making business, but lets face it, if you have an idea as to how to make money and are so sure it would work you would do it yourself. If successful, you could then employ staff to look after that one while you set up another...etc

After only a short period they become self financing and prfit making and the very last thing you would want to do is to encourage competition in any of your chosen markets by selling on the idea!

I can see it now - Bill Gates sitting in a corner of his office thinking ...."I know...if we change the code of that new operating system it will be remarkably successful and make lots of money.....we wont capture the market in this but instead we will sell the code so lots of other people can make money and set up in competition to Microsoft..!!!!!

  Belatucadrus 13:13 24 Sep 2003

"All of our Businesses for sale are fully set-up for the owner and require no experience or Computer knowledge to operate" anybody who gets into e-commerce with no computer knowledge is certifiable. Any company that suggests you can do this is not to be trusted.

  Kitz E Kat 19:58 24 Sep 2003

The fact that you did at least consider going in this direction, is the key...

The company is selling ready made web sites and that is all, and there is nothing wrong with that, if you HAD a business, seems they could give you a site to match it without the messing you would have to go to yourself.....

However if you do not have a business and are thinking of setting one up forget it!!!!!
To say you can set up a 'car sales business' with no experience is insane!!!!!

First up what are you good at what skill do you have what do you like doing...

Set up something around that, and then consider setting up a web site, either do it yourself, with help, the best way as you will learn a lot, and you WILL have to have some knowledge as you cant ring somebody everytime something goes wrong, will cost you a fortune!!!!!
Or get one set up, and let them do all the work, expensive!!!!

If you have a few pounds to spare and want to invest in a business think very hard and get good value for your money.....

It wil go pretty quick. always does....

Good luck
Kitz E Kat

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:01 24 Sep 2003

Any womble can set up a half decent website but good DESIGN and TALENT are the main ingredients. This site supplies neither.


  canard 20:21 24 Sep 2003

You can do your own for free and very easily with Yahoo Geocities- no knowledge needed. Maybe you wouldn't be too brilliant to start with but the other readers would give you pointers on what needed improving.

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