What Do You Think Of Mailwasher Pro

  s99Raj 17:27 30 Sep 2003

I have had Mailwasher Pro 3.1 on my PC for about 2 weeks now because I was fed up of getting spam. After using it I now get much more spam than I've ever had. I used to get 5 or 6 a day and since using Mailwasher the number of spams messages has risen steadily to over 30 or 40 a day, and I haven't subscribed to anything new at all. I run Mailwasher first and then I tick the Delete, Bounce and Blacklist boxes and then process the mail. Then I run Outlook Express.

Has anyone else had more spam after using Mailwasher Pro?

  blanco 17:34 30 Sep 2003

I've been using Mailwasher for six months or so now.
I certainly didn't notice any increase in the amount of spam arriving but, there again, so far I haven't noticed any decrease. Some sources disappear but others take their place.
For me, the main advantage is that the stuff doesn't get downloaded to my machine and it's very quick to get rid of the rubbish.

  Chris the Ancient 17:38 30 Sep 2003

I'm with blanco on this. I've had no appreciable change in levels of spam since going Mailwasher.

However, I'm not particularly a one for using the 'bounce' function. I can't be bothered. I just delete them at Mailwasher level and forget them.


  Lionheart? 18:02 30 Sep 2003

Don't bounce your email,it may have been sitting on the server for sometime and then when you bounce it might raise the spammers suspicion that it reached a valid address, increasing your amount of spam.

  -pops- 18:03 30 Sep 2003

I'm with blanco & Chris on this.

I have a theory though that using the bounce facility somehow, sometimes, gives feedback that you are a live address thus leaving you open for more spam to be sent. I just use the delete on the Mailwasher main page.

  s99Raj 18:09 30 Sep 2003

I thought the bounce facility with Mailwasher was meant to give the person/computer at the other end the idea that your e-mail address is invalid.

Maybe I'll just try deleteing.

  -pops- 18:17 30 Sep 2003

I'm sure that's what it's supposed to do but these spammers are damned clever and have quite possibly changed this to their advantage.

  Tazfan 18:23 30 Sep 2003

I have been using it since the free days, and got the free upgrade to Pro some months ago. The amount of spam I get is slowly but surely on the decrease. I delete, bounce and blacklist every piece of spam that comes through it.

  Mango Grummit 18:39 30 Sep 2003

Just deleting costs nothing and takes only seconds -- bouncing tends to make things worse
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  flecc 19:50 30 Sep 2003

Mailwasher do warn in one of their files that "Bounce" can result in letting the sender know the address is valid, so as you've found, don't use that feature.

  MAJ 19:56 30 Sep 2003

Yup have been using MailWasher from the early days, I don't bounce spam, there's no real point in bouncing as they're fake addys anyway. I have seen a marked decrease in the amount of spam I receive, normally I would receive, on average, two or three pieces of spam a week, that's not including the pseudo Microsoft patches that have been going around lately. Just delete, don't bounce.

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