what do you think???

  drdeath 16:39 03 Jan 2004

i wonder what you all think of these "websites for sale" templates that you see advertised on e bay etc,whereas you buy a template dating/recruitment website already designed then you take it over and generate the business,comments would be grateful

  Taran 18:06 03 Jan 2004

I have no time for them in many ways since with most of them there is nothing stopping 1000 people all buying the same template and having clone sites with only the content text copy and a few images to set them apart.

It can help people without design skills to get up and running with little fuss, but beyond that I don't see that they offer a great deal to anyone who has the patience to spend some time with a graphics and web authoring package.

This is not just because most of my income stems from web design and development. The whole point to a good design process is that it is sympathetic to a corporate identity or may be used from the outset to help generate one. Colour schemes, graphics, navigation structure, dynamic or static content and all kinds of other things go into a good site designed by someone who knows what they are doing. Try that with an off the peg template and see how far you get.

It's like forcing yourself into an outfit whether it fits or not. Some of the templates look very nice and are well designed. Others are less appealing, but they all share the same thing in common and may all be used and bought in most cases multiple times. I did once see some templates that were offered on a one purchase basis but the cost was prohibitive for obvious reasons.

If you want a template, insteado f buying one, get a copy of NetObjects Fusion and pay an extra £15 or so for the Site STyles CD ROM. NetObjects ships with more site themes, styles and templates than you can shake a stick at and the CD ROM features an extra couple of hundred such templates for you to play with.

Decisions, decisions. Do you buy a template ? Do you buy one template ? If so, how many others will have it and how well suited is it to the project at hand ?

Or do you spend around £100 on NetObjects, £15 or so on the additional CD ROM and have not only several hundred templates collectively available to you that can all be FULLY CUSTOMISED but also one of the best overall WYSIWYG web authoring programs to boot.

You do the maths.

In most cases, I have to give templates a thumbs down. They just don't offer you anything that you can't already get.

  drdeath 18:17 03 Jan 2004

thanx for your reply..i would like to design a hobbie website and have tried moonfruit.com, tripod.com etc and find it ok,but i would like to start from scratch but with little experience designing websites,what are my best choices? a online website tutorial? or a web design package ie netfusion,dreamweaver etc what would you suggest i am a beginner? thanx again

  Forum Editor 18:34 03 Jan 2004

on the road to web designing you might consider NetObjects Fusion or FrontPage 2003 as your first choice of program.

Both of them are excellent, but if I was forced to make a single choice fro a beginner I think it would be NetObjects Fusion. It's extremely good, and has an excellent range of templates built in.

  ch0pper 02:47 05 Jan 2004

I've looked at the NetObjects site to see if I might use that program to build my website.

I'm currently trying to use a combination of Xara Webstyle and FrontPage.

Where do you find the SiteStyles CD ROM mentioned by taran?

  Taran 10:48 05 Jan 2004

The NetObjects Site Styles CD ROM is available from the same place you can get NetObjects from click here

It costs around £15 or so to download, depending on the exchange rate at the time of purchase, or a little more if you want a CD ROM to be delivered. Since you can burn the extracted download to disk yourself and create your own autorunning CD, you may want to think about which option may be best for you.

NetObjects itself is a 70-odd meg download for the version 7 to 7.5 upgrade or quite a bit more for the full, standalone version.

Don't be in a rush for the Site Styles CD ROM until you've had a look at the templates and themes that ship with NetObjects. It has tons of them and while some may seem a little cheesy at first glance, it truly is amazing what you can come up with by using some of your own graphics with the built in rollover buttons and whatnot to develop your own site styles.

The above site link alsa has a fully functional 30 day trial of NetObjects, if you want to try it out.



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