What do you honestly think????

  fourjays 11:53 03 Sep 2004

For the best part of 4 months, I have created, modified and updated my website for my clan. As a 16 year old student/amateur web designer, I want to know what some normal people think of my website for my Gamespy Clan, and what I could do next to improve it further and improve my designing/coding skills. I ask people in Gamespy, but the weird guys, who don't like our clan for being different, are just plain stupid about it and my members have a biased view. Just want to know, as outsiders what you think and in what ways I can improve it?

I have learnt many things about internet design since starting the clan, and wish to continue learnign more (I used to do nothing but swear at FP2003 for not doing what I wanted it to do, but now it all seems so simple). Any advice or opinions are appreciated, thanks.

  fourjays 13:08 03 Sep 2004

No point asking you what you think if I don't give you the link. click here
There ya go.

  AndySD 20:55 03 Sep 2004

Ok to start with if you watch the into it doesnt go into (or give a link)the main site at the end.

I like the basic layout but you need to sort out the links spacing as "Home" and "Contacts are to close to the edges.Also I have a nav bar at the bottom of the screen.

Otherwise well done

  Forum Editor 23:14 03 Sep 2004

Your intro (which took forever to load on a 1Mb connection) isn't working properly - it doesn't take you to the homepage when it finishes.

Otherwise the site seems OK. I don't particularly like white text on a black ground - it's stressful, and not so easy to read. In addition I would prefer the layout to be in a two column table - much more attractive. A text line that runs across an entire page is tiring to read.

There are a few typos and grammatical errors scattered throughout the site - 'Moma' should be 'Momma' for instance.

  fourjays 10:45 04 Sep 2004

The intro page movie was my first attempt at a flash movie ever, and I made it using nothing more than KoolMoves Lite, that came free on one of the PCA CDs. I have downloaded a better free one now, which I hope will be easier to use. I never designed the intro to jump to the next page, as I am not sure how.

The nav bar could have been made to scroll up and down with the page, but it sort of flickered badly when it did, and messed up other bits of the page. I also tried one on the side, but it kept causing enormous gaps between the bar and the text.

I agree with the columns idea. It is tiring to read when things go all the way across, as in magazines and newspapers, it is always better in columns. How do I do that in FP2003? Do I make a table and make the borders invisible? Or is there another way?

I make loads of errors when Im typing, and the spell checker doesn't pick it all up. My Mum has offered to proof read it before, so Ill ask her to have a look. The checker said 'Moma' was incorrect however I spelt it, so I stuck it like that. lol

As for the colouring, it is supposed to be cream, and is designed in the same style as the phpBB forum template I found. Websites for Clans are always quite dark, rather than black on white. I guess younger people thinks its 'cooler' or something. Besides black on white can get boring at times (no offense meant).

Looks like you have read right through the rules and everything, which is more than I can say for the majority of people wanting to join. lol

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