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What do you advise to only connect via usb ports?

  Anon-2044180 17:35 09 Jul 2017

After a recent horror story of a 2.5 year old laptop UTTERLY DESTROYED because of usb port failure, probably brought on by using a USB fan, I would like to know what you advise is the ONLY things to connect to a usb port on a laptop, I am TERRIFIED now of even charging a mobile phone via the USB port on the new laptop, or any sort of peripheral that draws power. I am having the harddrive from the kapot laptop transferred to a "caddy", will this be OK to plug into the USB port of new laptop? it is a 1TB hard drive?? thanks Laptopdunce

  Anon-218616 00:52 10 Jul 2017

First off, I apologise to LTD for posting comments to others on his Thread. It must be tiresome to receive email notifications of new posts only to find they are not relevant to the question asked.

OK so feathers are ruffled.

MJS WARLORD, Whoa, offering advice is not a competition. There are more than 1 manufacturer of 128GB flash drives - plenty on Amazon for sale, so don't know why you seem to make a mystery of it. (are you affiliated to the firm that you 'must not mention'?)

If you'd followed all the threads you'd have understood LTD didn't want to spend even more money. Also there is no mention of wanting usb flash drives in LTD's post for this thread. (re-read 1st post)

Lorraine Baines-McFly, if you have nothing constructive to offer, please think before you post. You have no more idea of where in the world I am or from than I have of yours. Your attempts to bait me don't work.

If any complaints please contact FE

  Anon-337855 08:56 10 Jul 2017

I agree with the concept of making use of what you already have rather than spending even more money on expensive USB sticks.

I have a number of USB sticks of varying capacity for occasional use, but have a 500gb external drive permanently plugged into my Desktop, which cost under £40.

I also have three 320gb external drives salvaged from old Laptops and installed in caddies which cost about a Tenner each, considerably cheaper than buying USB sticks.

You can get a new bare 320gb drive for well under £30 plus a USB caddy.

  Anon-218616 12:00 10 Jul 2017

My apology was and is to LTD (laptopdunce) and not to MJS WARLORD and not to Lorraine Baines-McFly - the latter two whose feathers I have ruffled.

To those that wish to (and before FE uses silver mouse), please read their posts on Thread click here so that their posts on here can be read in context.

  Anon-2044180 16:53 10 Jul 2017

I have just got the HD from the old W* laptop transferred into this "caddy" and it works OK, the contents of the old HD were removed, the HD was "formatted" when it was in the Caddy, the old HD in this caddy is appearing on my laptop as "acer F" but if I try to transfer any docs or photos to it from this laptop it doesnt show "Acer F" in the "send to" tab on the file I am trying to send?? what can be wrong here? thanks laptopdunce

  Anon-2044180 20:19 10 Jul 2017

This is really weird, the old HD from the faulty W8 laptop is now in a caddy and it appears in my new W10 laptop as Acer F drive, but I cannot transfer files to it from the new W10 new laptop, BUT I have just tried it in my old W7 spare laptop and the Caddy shows as Acer E in that computer and I AM able to transfer files/photos from the W7 laptop to this Caddy HD usb drive fine! they will even transfer from the Caddy to the new W10 laptop fine, so there must be a problem with the recognition of the Caddy USB drive in the new W10 laptop, it shows as Acer F in the new W10 laptop, what can be wrong here, I thought it was the HD in the Caddy but it cant be if it works fine in the old W7 laptop?? hope someone can help, at least I know the "caddy" and formatted HD in it from the broken W8 laptop is not at fault, thanks Laptopdunce (I dont know if I should have started a new thread for this but it seems to be a windows problem insofar as it is the new W10 laptop that is not allowing transfers of files to this HD caddy thing.

  Anon-2044180 20:24 10 Jul 2017

PS, I have just looked in disk management in the start menu in the new W10 laptop and all the drives are showing as OK, it is showing as Acer (F) in the disk management page and is 915.15gb NTFS Healthy (primary partition) - I am wondering if it might need to be assigned a different drive letter as I seem to remember a problem long ago in the past similar to this (but I think that was a drive that was rfecongnized at all in the computer) just an idea?? thanks laptopdunce

  Anon-2044180 20:33 10 Jul 2017

WOW!!! OMG!! this is amazing!! I looked in the my file manager and in the "devices and drdives" 2nd part of the page it was also showing a DVD drive in my laptop, (but the funny thing is is that there is no DVD in the drawer), so I clicked on "eject" and nothing happened but the DVD drive disappeared and lo and behold I was then able to transfer things to the F drive, from the new laptop to the USB drive (which is the Caddy with the old HD in it) how weird is that?? I guess the DVD drive that was still showing as "active" must have been blocking the caddy usb drive from transferring any of my files from the laptop to the drive but was accepting files from the caddy to the laptop. how weird!! Well it is good to know that this caddy will work as very large size(1 tb) external drive! thanks laptopdunce

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