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What do you advise to only connect via usb ports?

  laptopdunce 17:35 09 Jul 2017

After a recent horror story of a 2.5 year old laptop UTTERLY DESTROYED because of usb port failure, probably brought on by using a USB fan, I would like to know what you advise is the ONLY things to connect to a usb port on a laptop, I am TERRIFIED now of even charging a mobile phone via the USB port on the new laptop, or any sort of peripheral that draws power. I am having the harddrive from the kapot laptop transferred to a "caddy", will this be OK to plug into the USB port of new laptop? it is a 1TB hard drive?? thanks Laptopdunce

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:56 09 Jul 2017

USb sticks hard drives phones printers if your really worried about the power issue then get a USB powered Hub

  lotvic 18:00 09 Jul 2017

I do not think the Vista laptop was destroyed by plugging in a usb fan. The motherboard was on it's way out as confirmed by the shop you went to and the laptop eventually ground to a halt (as per your other threads) because of mobo failure.

Yes it is okay to plug the the caddy with old 1TB drive into W10 laptop. The laptop may recognise it straightaway or W10 will ask you to wait while it installs driver (it will do this by itself you don't have to go looking for a driver)

If you have any problems with W10 not letting you access the files, post back on here for someone to guide you through the 'sharing files' 'take ownership of files' scenario.

  laptopdunce 18:33 09 Jul 2017

OK, thanks, Im waiting for the "caddy" to arrive and might not get it to the computer shop this week, otherwise I am back on the 19th, if the HD to caddy is a success I might do the same with an old Sony Vaio laptop I have with windows 7, it still works but is very slow. I only use it as a back up if all else fails. thanks laptopdunce (I thought it was that USB fan that blew the motherboard, how odd it failed after only 2.5 years, I have the same on in Nederland so will have to watch that one carefully!!!)

  lotvic 19:05 09 Jul 2017

MJS WARLORD, I'm reluctantly responding to your post at 18:31. sigh, whilst I agree that usb sticks are better than DVD-Rs they are not better than - nor have the capacity for over 15 GB data, for that amount and more, a usb caddy with hard drive (usb external hard drive) is more suitable.

NB: If you want to avoid all those extra clicks before removing usb flash sticks click here and enable the 'Quick Removal' in 'Policies' tab of the Flash stick's Properties.

and now I'm going for my tea.

  wee eddie 19:23 09 Jul 2017

I may be mistaken, but is this the first mention of an SUB Fan?

  wee eddie 19:26 09 Jul 2017

My own opinion.

Anyone connecting an USB Fan to their Laptop deserves to be excommunicated!

  wee eddie 19:29 09 Jul 2017

ltd: Are you sure that you have ordered the correct type of Caddy?

  laptopdunce 19:36 09 Jul 2017

Well, the USB fan was advertised as a USB compatible fan and I used it on the laptop, obviously there are alot of these things in the shops like USB lamps and power sticks so you just assume that they are suitable for using with a laptop. the funny thing is that the USB fan did still work even after the usb ports stopped working on external drives, mouses and keyboards. I have ordered this caddy off ebay for the harddrive out of the laptop, the computer shop told me it would be OK. thanks laptopdunce click here

  lotvic 20:48 09 Jul 2017

Lorraine Baines-McFly, a troll wannabe? Hmmm, not put your spoon away yet then.

Let's think this through instead of wondering where I shop. Which is better value and more convenient?

put an existing 1TB hard drive into a Caddy costing £7.99p

or buy about fifteen x 64GB flash drives at £35.99 each and constantly swap them in and out trying to find the files you want

  lotvic 21:35 09 Jul 2017

For the benefit of those that misunderstood and wish to split hairs, let me attempt to correct my punctuation and insert the obvious and repost my comment (not just half of it).

"whilst I agree that usb sticks are better than DVD-Rs they are not better than - or have the capacity of a usb hard drive; for over 15 GB data - for that amount and more, a usb caddy with hard drive (usb external hard drive) is more suitable."

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