What to do witrh old PC

  feenster 23:17 24 Oct 2006

Just got a new PC and wondering what to do with the old one. Spec below, good in '99, but pretty poor today. Is there any value in this at all? Is it ebay or freecycle? Any thoughts much appreciated:

-15 gig hard drive
-pentium 3, 700 MHz
-256mb ram
-CD-ROM (No writer)
-Win 98

  fitshase 23:19 24 Oct 2006

Local school?

  Koochy 23:22 24 Oct 2006

Charity shop?
Young relative?


  DieSse 23:31 24 Oct 2006

Practice with Linux on it. Many versions will run on it very happily, and you can learn how easy and how free Linux can be.

  birdface 23:57 24 Oct 2006

Use it, Up-grade it take all the parts out, Put them together again,Then when you need parts for your new machine , you will be able to do it yourself.

  woodchip 00:15 25 Oct 2006

Still good for letters and It may come in, For when the new goes BANG

  daisy2bell 07:40 25 Oct 2006

Use it for extra storage (backups)This is what I've done with my old one.It's hooked up for networking, so if I've lost something on my newer computer,or, if I delete and do a fresh install all I do is transfer the files back from the old one.

  Chissy 08:20 25 Oct 2006

I'm in the same situation. Just to point out that charity shops WONT accept any electrical goods, I tried that option myself.

  baldtaco 12:16 25 Oct 2006

As DieSse said, use it for Linux. NX needs a fraction of what comedy operating systems like Vista require to support their bloat. Perhaps just use it for simple distribution. An interesting project would be a Linux Live CD Router - click here . 15 gigs of dedicated MP3 server would probably be the most simple M$ thing.

  GEEKSTA 13:00 25 Oct 2006

try experimenting with the indisdes and learn whats what and maby see if you can get it up-to date and well enough to use it as you would use your new pc??

  GEEKSTA 13:00 25 Oct 2006

what make is it ? and what windows is it?

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