What to do when Win98 support ends

  Quince 09:11 20 Jun 2006

I am still using Win98 and have no reason to change at present.

On the rare occasions when my PC fails completely, I have to reload the Win98 system image from the discs provided by the computer manufacturer. (I do not have the Microsoft discs.)

I then bring the system up to date with security, IE, OE and other upgrades using Windows Update from Microsoft's website.

My question is, will I still be able to do this after July 2006?

If not, is there anything I can do now to prepare myself - eg download & store everything in the Installation History? That would be a big job.

  Graham ® 09:16 20 Jun 2006

Invest in a back-up system such as Norton Ghost. An external drive if you have USB, or an extra internal hard drive.

  Belatucadrus 11:45 20 Jun 2006

click here may be of use.
Other than that keep the Anti Virus up to date and if possible get rid of the main sources of security exploits, namely IE6 and Media Player. Go with something that is supported, like Firefox, Opera, K-meleon and Jet Audio.

  Wak 14:07 20 Jun 2006

You could also go to the Microsoft Update catalogue click here and download all the updates for Win 98SE on to a CD for future use.

  jimv7 14:12 20 Jun 2006

UNOFFICIAL Windows98 Second Edition Service Pack 2.1

from click here

contains loads of updates for 98.

  Wak 14:14 20 Jun 2006

Sorry, just noticed that you already suggested that yourself.
MS used to issue a CD covering all updates upto Feb 2004. Someone may lend you that for starters but you would still need all the other updates.
An extra hard drive and cloning the entire system using the FREE XXCOPY is the best idea as suggested above.

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